Amon Amarth in Heavy Metal Food: the Food of the Gods

In the kingdom of Ásgard, do you think Odin stuffed Big Macs down his throat while the Valkyries drank some Slim Fast? That the valorous Einherjars finished a pots of Nutella before great battles? They had strong arms to hold a mug of mead and a boar haunch in each hand, in the evening, during their gargantuan meals. Cheers! The food of the gods still exists today. You won’t find it in hypermarkets or in fast food restaurants. It’s in our farmers stalls! Those men and women who bend over backwards in the fields to try to survive the agribusiness and large-scale food retailing. So if you want to feed as the gods do, if you want to be as strong as Odin’s warriors, as well built as Valeria, go buy your food in farmers markets. It’s a healthy act as well as a political statement.

Stay Hungry. Stay Metal.
Gilles LARTIGOT « The Heavy Metal Cook »

Interview conducted on August, 18th, 2011 at the Club Soda in Montréal (Québec)

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