Biff Byfford: a slightly Norman Saxon

Biff Byford. 61 years on the clock and still on the road. 160 concerts with Saxon in 2011 (God knows what the grand total amounts to since the band started out in the 70s), and still the man boasts a legendary voice, that you could recognize among a thousand others.

What I’m always interested in when I meet artists from my own generation is how they put up with life on tour. Sleeping in the tourbus? “It’s a nightmare at my age!” says Biff in an aside. With every new interview, I also discover a new sensibility in terms of cuisine: “I miss French food”, he says. Also, everyone has a different way of keeping up with the pace: “Rest. That’s the key to feeling well”. But I always sense the same tenderness towards the younger generation, even when Biff says with a smile, on the subject of alcohol: “Young people are stupid!”.

You can watch the interview below.

Translation: Jean Martinez – Traduction(s) Net

Saxon’s official website: www.saxon747.com

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