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Bruce Dickinson :  » Planet Earth, Maiden Force 1 calling « 

Frankly, one wonders if there are really only 24h in Bruce Dickinson’s standard days. Aside his role of frontman for Iron Maiden (which will release its 15th album this summer) and his solo career which he leads under his own name, Bruce still finds time to fill his free time with a variety of activities. It has to be said: this great singer is not only successful in the music industry. The Iron Maiden vocalist’s hobbies are extremely varied, and in the last few years, he never hesitated to share them with his public.

Dickinson has for instance a great interest for literature. He demonstrated his writing talent in a book called Lord Iffy Boatrace, which was successful enough for the publisher to ask for a follow-up. The Television and Cinema worlds are also familiar with the great singer, who wrote the scenario for the fantasy movie Chemical Wedding, and who made several appearances in the BBC TV-series The Paradise Club.

But that’s not all. His extraordinary list of jobs also comprises that of Pilot: he is indeed officially employed by Astraeus airline. He even presented a documentary about Aviation in England named Flying Heavy Metal. Bruce also makes appearances in the sportive world. Not only is he a football fan – a passion shared by all of Iron Maiden’s members – but he also practices fencing at a high level, taking for instance part in international competitions. He also contributes to this world through his fencing-material shop, called « Duellist ».

Dickinson’s list of capacities might make you feel a little jealous – and it is only fair. One has to admit it, Samson’s ex-singer belongs to this category of people who are successful in everything they undertake. Well, good for him!

But for today, we’ll focus on another of the singer’s interests: Radio. For those of you who don’t know, it is not only possible to hear Dickinson’s voice live or on an album: you can also listen to him on the British radio. At first host of the now-cancelled « Masters Of Rock » show aired every Saturday on Radio 2, he is now in charge of the « Friday Rock Show » on 6 Music. Every Friday, the little Britons can hear Iron Maiden’s singer surrounded by prestigious guests such as Metallica, Lemmy (Motörhead) or Blaze Bailey, (ex-Iron Maiden/Blaze). Last Friday, it was Judas Priest‘s members KK Downing and Ian Hill’s turns to chat with Bruce. It was indeed a nice way to celebrate the 30 years of their mythical album British Steel.

It was also a good way to realise how important this anniversary is: the album was indeed re-edited in both vinyl and deluxe CD box, respectively on the 19th of April and the 11th of May. But the Priest’s fans will have to spend even more to update their collection, since a DVD will also soon be issued. It will contain the gig played on the 17th of August 2009 in Florida, where the group played all the tracks from British Steel, a classic album in the History of Metal. A particular care was given to the quality of the sound, as the show was recorded in 5.1 and stereo. This is with the same care that the performance was mixed for the DVD, to which a 30-minutes-long making-of of the album will be added.

Until the 11th of May, try to save up if you don’t want trouble with your bank! It is for this special occasion that KK and Ian were received by Dickinson, but they are not the only lucky devils to celebrate an anniversary with this charismatic singer. Opeth will indeed soon have the chance to celebrate their 20 years of activity with him in the radio studio. The guests should feel privileged, as they are amongst the last ones to participate to the « Friday Rock Show ».6 Music’s managers have indeed decided to cancel the show at the end of May because they want to « review the way the radio presents rock and metal music ». It is probably a bad attempt to hide a financial argument, but Bruce was nonetheless thanked, and will be able to say farewell properly in a last live show.

Does this mark the end of Dickinson’s career as radio host? The Future only will tell. But something tells us that he’ll find a way to fill the extra free time imposed by 6 Music! After all, the release of The Final Frontier is fast approaching, as it is planned for the end of this summer. Iron Maiden’s tour in North-America, simply called « The Final Frontier World Tour » (with Dream Theater, nothing less!), is arriving even faster, as it is planned to start on the 9th of June in Dallas. Let’s just hope that European dates will follow, and that this new album will inherit more from its predecessor than from Dance of Death for the quality of its compositions.

Transcription : Sandra

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  • Eric St-Louis dit :

    Tout ça pour dire que ça change des chanteurs camés sur leur Harley Davidson 🙂 héhé


  • Eric St-Louis dit :

    Tu oublis, escrimeur émérite (il s’est classé 7 em au Uk) et a passé prêt des olympiques, il a fondé un magasins de sports devenu très populaire des athlètes, il a écrit un film et plusieurs roman et poésie, il a accouché lui-même sa femme dans sa cuisine après avoir suivi des cours spécialisés, il joue très bien au soccer et a déjà fait un vidéo de (tricks de soccer). Et oui, pilote de ligne pour le plaisir( il gagne en un an ce qu’il gagne en un mois avec maiden, animateur radio et bien sur, chanteur et légende du rock 🙂

    Un hyperactif de 52 ans 🙂


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