Radio Metal : This is the second time that you play at Hellfest. Tell me, what do you think about this metal festival ?

Dan Lilker (bass) : It’s very enjoyable! It’s interesting to be at the same festival as a band like EUROPE! I remember Hellfest 2007 when it was raining and there was mud everywhere. This time we were kind of rushed. We drove all day from Belgium and today we’ve had time to relax because we came over night from Germany. Not so much sleep but we’re still ready to completely grind. I’ve had time to relax at this year’s Hellfest and see a lot of my friends. So it’s really cool and we don’t have this in America!

What about Maryland Deathfest ?

Yeah, it’s great, but there are not going to be 20,000 people, but more like 2,000 people. We played there with BRUTAL TRUTH and as VENOMOUS CONCEPT as well. There were a lot of cool bands there too. It’s great but it’s just not as big as this.

Did you notice how Hellfest has tried to reinforce its grindcore scene? Two years ago there was BRUJERIA and this year we saw REPULSION. Your band is going to play with REPULSION in New York, right?

Yes, with PIG DESTROYER on 31st July in New York city. It’s going to be a classic grind show. Yeah, Hellfest is cool like that. There’s a lot of power metal and gothic metal but there’s also BRUTAL TRUTH. We are playing at the same time as MANOWAR. I think it’s a good thing because there are people who like them and people who prefer the brutal stuff.

But some people might like both…

Well, they will have to make a decision… (laughs)

So you’re back with a new album, Evolution Through Revolution. What do you think about the new extreme metal scene? Bands like OBSCURA, THE FAITHLESS, or grindcore bands like THE LOCUST?

I find that some of the technical stuff is a tiny bit boring because it lacks emotion. Although the people are very talented, there isn’t enough feeling in some of the super fast death metal stuff like NECROPHAGIA. I’m not saying it’s bad though. Grind is still going on all over the world. Like BLOCKHEADS! (laughs) They are from your country and have very good compositions. There’s some good bands from the Czech Republic, Spain and Sweden have loads too.

So would you say that you prefer bands with more emotion rather than, say, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN?

I appreciate them too but it’s kind of like in black metal, I prefer DARKTHRONE to, say, DIMMU BORGIR. I prefer bands with more emotion.

Can you tell me the meaning of the title of your new album Evolution Through Revolution ?

It’s one of those things that has two meanings: one for us and one for the rest of the world. In the United States we’ve been going through a lot of changes. It’s good because we finally got rid of this Bush asshole who fucked up a lot of stuff. But now the country is evolving and it’s changing for the better. This is why there is chaos. There is a lot of bad chaos because of George Bush and now there’s necessary chaos to fix the bad chaos. The conservative Christians on the right that elected Bush are so angry now. They say that Obama’s administration is starting a revolution now. So this revolution is more of a « fuck off » to them. For BRUTAL TRUTH, after eleven years, we have a new guitar player. We’re still writing sick and intense grind. We’re also trying to evolve. For us it’s not a revolution.

So do you believe that Obama is a kind of revolution for the United States ?

Well that’s what the assholes are saying! A revolution isn’t necessary. It’s just to fix the problems. A lot of bad shit happens for a lot of bad reasons. Why the hell did we go to Iraq?! (laughs) Nobody really understands that. It’s all lies; connections with Al Qaeda and weapons of mass destruction bullshit. We went there because Saddam Hussein embarrassed George Bush’s daddy in 1990.

(Dan Lilker) : « I find that some of the technical stuff is a tiny bit boring because it lacks emotion. Although the people are very talented, there isn’t enough feeling in some of the super fast death metal stuff like Necrophagia. »

The first song on the album is « Sugardaddy ». What kind of sugar-daddy are you talking about? Who is this sugar-daddy?

It’s about Barack Obama but not in a bad way. Sugar daddy is mostly something bad. Mainly a sugar daddy has all of the answers and things like that. It’s supposed to be a song of hope with some slight sarcasm.

The second song is « Turmoil » and there are two different versions of this song. One of the versions is on This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 1. Why did you make another version? Were you not satisfied by the first one?

No. We wanted to give it a really good production. We also recorded « Dogs of War » and « Forever in a Daze » on the vinyl and the Japanese CD. So we actually recorded three of them. But « Turmoil » was so crazy because of the black metal riff and stuff. So we decided to put it on the record.

You made it faster.

Yeah, I also changed part of the bass to make it more brutal. It was our favourite.

This Comp Kills Fascists is a brilliant grindcore compilation. There’s also SPOONFUL OF VICODIN on the album, who you recorded an album with. Can you tell us something about this band?

Yeah. They are good friends of ours from Rochester. They have played with my other band CRUCIFIST many times. Three years ago we played together and Sarah (guitar) came up and asked if we would like to record their band. She said she loved BRUTAL TRUTH and thought we understood what they were doing. So we became really good friends and did a project band called HUMAN GARBAGE. With Sarah on guitar, Tim does drums and vocals, we also had another vocalist and I played bass. We only played the A-side of Scum from NAPALM DEATH. We did it once.

The band seem pretty old school because they don’t even have a MySpace.

Yeah. They don’t give a shit.

I now want to talk about the song « On The Hunt » from the album. In this song there is a terrific and completely chaotic guitar solo. Did you compose it?

It’s a saxophone solo!

A saxophone?!

Yeah that’s our friend Bruce from the band YAKUZA.

« Powder Burns » is also an amazing song on the album because of the vocals. Do you know what Kevin’s influences are and who he admires?

He was always influenced by the singer from THE ABUSED.

I can imagine that he would be a great fan of bands like SIEGE…

Yeah, he likes SIEGE. I don’t know you would have to ask him (laughs).

BRUTAL TRUTH are playing today and so are NAPALM DEATH. So where are VENOMOUS CONCEPT?

(laughs) That’s a good question but I don’t have an answer for you. We’re playing in the Czech Republic next month.

The last song from your latest album is called « Grind Fidelity ». The main riff in this song is very close to the riff in « Ritmos Satanicos » by BRUJERIA. Did you do this on purpose? Is it a kind of tribute?

No, this must be a coincidence because I don’ t know this song.

Both songs are good but the riffs are really close.

Well, sometimes it’s difficult, there’s only so many ways to put notes in front of other notes at certain speeds. So I think it’s an accident. Erik wrote that song.

Is it true that Earache Records are going to release a re-mastered version of Need to Control?

I didn’t hear anything about this. They wanted to make a DVD, but we didn’t want to do it. We do have a DVD out with SEASON OF MIST. The main part is our performance at Obscene Extreme Festival in 2007. Then there are four bonus shows from ’96, ’97 and ’98. Two from Australia, one from California and one from Texas.

Final question. You are writing your autobiography. Have you finished it yet?

It’s actually a guy interviewing me and he’s talking to a lot of people. He has talked to me a lot but now he’s talking to loads more people. He went through all of my phone numbers and hotmail contacts.

So a lot of big metal bands like ANTHRAX, CRUCIFIST, etc ?

Yeah. But he’s also going to talk to just people that I know, like the DARKTHRONE guys or NOCTURNAL…

I was talking to the guy from NOCTURNAL and he said that he really liked your style and bass technique.

I don’t even know him that well, we just talk on MySpace. But that’s a definitely a compliment.

Interview conducted June 21st, 2009
MySpace Brutal Truth : www.myspace.com/brutalfuckingtruth

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