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Devildriver live on Radio Metal

Ladies and Gentlemen, Radio Metal exclusive: To celebrate Metalo and Spaceman’s going off on holiday next Thursday accordingly, we have planned a surprise for all fans of almighty metal! Indeed we are offering you 3 exclusive live tracks from the Devildriver concert that took place at the CCO of Villeurbanne on the 12th of July. That night, the atmosphere was fiery and we are very excited to share these extracts from the event organised by K-Productions. We would also like to thank the Roadrunner team for this exclusive, as well as, Thibault Bernard, our sound tech, who did a great job.

Catch these 3 previously unheard live tracks on Radio Metal between 8 PM and 10 PM (GMT+1), Thursday 29th of July, during the Anarchy-X show. Devildriver were in France to promote their latest album Pray For Villains.

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