Devin Townsend in Heavy Metal Food: holy cow, this is zen

Life is made up of encounters. Among those, there’s the ones that will touch you and make you grow. On December 14th, I was extremely lucky to talk privately and at length with the great Devin Townsend. We talked about the reason that led him to a vegetarian diet, his childhood, his passion for cows, his philosophical point of view on free will… and I even had the pleasure to offer him his first raw food meal in three months. To see him so touched by the dishes I’d cooked specifically for him was extremely gratifying. Yes, I’m decidedly a lucky guy.

On that day, I also learned a lesson in humility. Devin presented his way of getting his convictions through, without conflict or violence. He also confessed to the direct impact food has on his music and his daily actions. I met a humble man, highly intelligent, courteous, attentive to others and… at peace with himself. This particular interview will be divided in two parts, with a third video in which I will give you Heavy Metal Food Signature “Devin Townsend” recipes.

EDIT : The third and the last part of the interview is online.

Stay Hungry. Stay Metal.

« The Heavy Metal Cook »

Interview conducted the 14th of december 2011 by Gilles Lartigot
Venue : Foufounes Electriques – Montréal (QC)
Thanks to Stéphane Mackay and Nathalie Vogl

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