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Evanescence’s new album in depth

We had the opportunity to listen to the new Evanescence album that’ll hit the racks in France mid-October, and we share our impressions just below because we’re always thinking about you! This album won’t disorient the fans of Amy Lee’s band since it was completely made for the radios. “Commercial” metal fans will like it, and haters of this kind of music will probably forget this record as soon as they finish listening to it!

You don’t listen to Evanescence to hear a new sound, you listen and like Evanescence because of their catchy melodies. Melodies that can be easy or even dull, let’s face it, but pleasant nonetheless. This fourth record plainly entitled Evanescence totally confirm this. The chorus gets easily stuck in your mind and that’s what we expect from a band like Evanescence: they do what they do best – melodies – and leave the musical Revolution with a capital R to other artists who’d rather experiment and explore foreign fields.

This Evanescence record is sometimes quite tedious, but that doesn’t make it a bad one, far from that.


01 – What You Want

Relying on the track list we got, the single “What You Want” is the track that opens the band’s new album. A catchy riff, some piano and Amy Lee’s voice mixed: here’s a track that exposes what we’ll find on the rest of the album. The chorus is incredibly melodic, and there’s a traditional bridge with some orchestral touches. This is undoubtedly a song made for radios that gets easily stuck in your mind, and that is just like the rest of the record.

So if you don’t like it… You should stop reading here.

02 – Made Of Stone

A heavy riff with a dirty sound reminding of Alice In Chains leads, just before flights of piano. We are just in the middle of the troubled waters of modern metal, with some small guitar riffs that sounds quite nu metal. Problem: we already heard that thousand times. Staying in the spirit of the previous song, “Made Of Stone” highlights Amy Lee’s vocal talent. An ethereal atmosphere prevails at 2 minutes 10 thanks to the singer’s voice in perfect harmony with the piano and the keyboard. At that moment, Amy Lee feels absolutely freed, masters perfectly her voice, and reaches the peak of her vocal technique. A very beautiful moment followed by a too short guitar solo. There are very few soli in this album by the way, and if this solo had been a bit longer, the whole composition wouldn’t have felt that formatted and squared up.

Yes, this album is gonna be made for radio from start to finish.

03 – The Change

Some very Tool-ish guitar notes open the third track of the album. But the chorus will actually rest upon an easy but still catchy “Ohohoho”. “The Change” proofs that this “Evanescence” titled album really is a continuation of the previous records, even if you can hear some electronic sounds here and there.

In short, “The Change” doesn’t have any real contents, and relies mostly on atmospheres.

04 – My Heart Is Broken

Amy Lee’s voice comes in just after a piano opening. Is this the first ballad of the record? Well, no! The melody is played by the piano, but soon riffs join in. The listener can get bored pretty quickly listening to this record since the compositions are all really homogeneous, and thus, finally sound all alike.

The fact that it gets quite hard to tell the tracks apart makes the whole record sound very standard. “My Heart Is Broken” is still a potential hit. No wonder then people say it may be this record’s second single.

05 – The Other Side

The drums open the track, and we get a very conventional chorus, in the purest Evanescence tradition. With “The Other Side”, the listener doesn’t have much to get his teeth into… Detractors will probably call it hollow and artistically empty, but we won’t be cruel just for fun. Let’s just enjoy this track as a background one, because Evanescence is the kind of artist you can listen to while doing something else.

You may think it’s a shame, but that’s the way it is.

06 – Erase This

The lively rhythm of a piano/drums duet opens this song. It will be the underlying theme of this good composition that would probably had been better with a catchier chorus. The emergency feeling conveyed by the piano highlights the true character of the verses. At 2 minutes 34, Amy shows off her pretty voice, and that beautifies even more “Erase This”, undoubtedly one of the highlights of the album.

A beautiful success.

07 Lost In Paradise

The piano is still here, and this is at last the album’s first true ballad. The well-know moment when all arms are up and moving from left to right during the show. The album needed one! So, moving or not? There is an orchestral aspect that suits perfectly with this calm atmosphere. A drums/guitar duet chimes in at 1 minute 51 though, to bring some power to the whole thing.

As far as ballads goes, we’ve seen better, but the fans are going to like this quiet track.

08 – Sick

The guitar chords on “Sick” promise a more rock-oriented track. “Sick We Are ! Sick We Are !” says the chorus of this catchy song that fits perfectly into the tone of the whole album. “Sick” isn’t actually that warm, but it’s still very effective.

09 – End Of The Dream

During “End Of The Dream”, you can’t help but notice that obviously, everything revolves around Amy Lee’s voice. The listener indeed feels like the music is here to accompany the singer’s voice. Thus, listening to the track, you feel some kind of bewilderment, because there is nothing much to remember about it.

10 – Oceans

With “What You Want”, “The Change” and “The Other Side”, “Oceans” is the fourth track of this album to be played live during the shows of the current North American tour of the band. The keyboard (which sounds more synthetic at the beginning of the track), Amy Lee’s voice and the “ahaha” in the background that mixes the voices are the main characteristics of this tracks.

11 – Never Go Back

On this song “Never Go Back” just like in the whole album, the piano is very present. The track ends on a long guitar note and is still a standard for the band, pretty much like the whole record, as you must have understood.

12 – Swimming Home

You can find more pronounced electronic sounds on “Swimming Home”, the track that ends quietly the record. An ethereal last track that can remind of the path taken by Linkin Park on A Thousand Suns. Despite obvious electronic aspirations, the whole thing remains quite dull.

With “Swimming Home”, we feel one more time like Amy’s voice is supposed to be everything for the listener.

According to Wikipedia France, MTV would have written about the track “What You Want” that it was “probably the more intense Evanescence song even made. The guitars roar like a hornet nest, the drums are wild and heavy, and the strings grow, then strike. Add an undoubtedly massive chorus and Amy Lee’s vocal acrobatics, and you got a song powerful enough to shake every radio station down to its foundations.”

It wouldn’t be surprising that this record exhilarate both rock radio station and their listeners. Still, if this album is undeniably ok, it’s also totally predictable. Since they gave this album the band’s name, Evanescence don’t exactly strained themselves, but it is true that this title depicts perfectly the record’s compos: Evanescence made a straight-up Evanescence record.

Evanescence’s fourth album will be out the 10th of October in France, and the next day in the US.

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  • It’s a good review. I’ve listening to the song and it’s the cd where you have to listening to it a couple of times to get use to the new sound. Since im a evanescebce fan. I love it regardless because i love her and the band especially her beautiful VOICE.
    the review wasnt 100% but good. People have different opinions.
    Point Blank!!


  • dude :)) if i were u . i’ll take the whole reviw back :)) jesus …look at this comments.


  • Oh my God this is the most mean and worst review I’ve ever read…

    I’ve heard their new songs (leaked yesterday but blocked by EMI on Youtube) and all of them are just great!! Well, to be honest, « Swimming Home » is a great ballad song, but it’s not as « dymamic » as the other ones, but still is WONDERFULL!!

    Evanescence is my favourite band and, to be honest, these songs taught me to listen to Rock music.


  • This was a pretty bad review. You make it out in a positive light and bash it at the same time. Make up your mind. You claim it all sounds the same, yet the descriptions appear to counter your assumption. How is it that every song sounds different and the same simultaneously?

    From the clips of songs we’ve gotten, they do seem much looser and different than anything the band has released before. The songs played live sound nothing the same. A heavy song and a ballad cannot really sound the same either.

    Also, claiming that they refuse to tread on foreign ground musically is asinine. The introduction of newer themes, electronic sounds, new influences, harp, heavier guitars, more elaborate compositions and most apparent at this point– a much bigger role for drums… That’s all completely different from previous works.

    I can respect opinions. I can respect negative critiquing. I, however, cannot respect a completely biased negative review that cannot make up its mind from someone just because he or she doesn’t care for a band.

    Also, you cannot claim that melodies are easily remembered and a great feature in a band and, at the same time call it dull. It’s either dull or it’s not.
    Oh and as far as The Other Side– hearing the sample as well as the live footage, it’s nothing « typical » and as far as « artistically empty » goes, it’s apparent that you’re either artistically challenged or this track is far too artistically intricate for such a mediocre mind to even partially comprehend. And newsflash– Technically, ANY song can be listened to while doing something else. How often to people actually sit still and listen to music without moving or thinking or doing anything else for that matter? Usually people are driving or social networking or working out or doing household chores– let’s face it. Any song can double as background music.

    This is my review on your review. This is also an example of a well-articulated review. It’s not as biased because I can respect a negative review, whereas you just cannot seem to make up your mind. You can dislike the music, but attempting to formulate a decently relevant review is best with an indifferent approach and a sensible analysis of the obvious differences that are clearly being taken into consideration (badly, in your case).



    full of yourself much u arrogant windbag? stfu.

  • Coldpearls1022 dit :

    Exactly where did the reviewer (and the people commenting) hear the whole new album?


  • sorry


  • Stupid people. I love Evanescence and I don`t give a fuck what you think about my opinion =)


  • lol, you really don’t know anything about evanescence. evanescence is a really good band



    I agree! ^_^

  • Dude do you even know anything about EV? you suck!


  • A lot of people have been saying that there appears to be a negative bias towards evanescence, but you have to see: could you possibly have a bias too?

    personally, i thought the review was a little repetitive, but the author would probably argue that that’s because the *record* is repetitive. fair enough.

    i suggest not reading a review with expectations that it will be a positive one. who knows, it might save you some internet rage. :]


  • A serious journalist doesn’t use Wikipedia as a source! Having said that, this review sucks in many ways. I respect your opinion, but c’mon, it looks like this review was wrote by someone who hates their music even before you listened to it, you have to be impartial to write a thing like this!


  • Evanescence_4_Life dit :

    Stupit review… you mustnt have a clue!!! Evanescence is not just a band is a reliegion! And yes its unique I havent heard anyone before them sounding like them… I would say the person who has written the review has to learn much more abour evanescence before writting this 😉 he must be such a loser!!! and at the same time so fucking lucky to listen at this album!!! 😉


  • The reviewer seemed to be rude towards the bands hard work. I got the chance to listen to the album and this review is just poor and very snobbery (hater much?)


  • SlimDude4Life dit :

    Naaa, what’s up Doc? Clearly not your IQ. If you are going to review something, then give a piss poor review, do not post where people can rip at you.


  • this is one of the worst reviews ever. every song snip that i’ve heard thus far has been bad ass. you dumb asses don’t know wtf you’re talking about. morons.



    This review does suck. If the guy does not like the album, that is his problem, but he could have kept all that crap to himself.

  • Cut the bull shit bitchs! BEST REVIEW EVER!



    stfu u faggot ass piece of shit


    Asya666, you do not even belong in this. Grow up and take your negativity on somewhere, HATER.

  • This review sends really mixed signals. It’s like everything positive you mentioned about the album had to be immediately followed by a criticism or some lame comment about how commercial it sounds so you somehow don’t lose credibility with the metal purists. I get this is just one persons opinion but I don’t think this review is well balanced or thought out. In fact it seems pretty rushed.

    At the end of the day don’t pussy foot around it. If you like or dislike the album just make it abundantly clear which one it is. I don’t care which because your review won’t affect my opinion on it.



    The one who posted the review, apparently was confused. He did not know whether to love, or hate the album.

  • Third album…



    Third or fourth album. It depend if you consider Origin like an album or a demo


    Right, but he is clearly not an Evanescence fan, since he thought this would be Evanescence’s fourth. He needs a clue.

  • i love how the writer says about this album’s tracks all sound alike therefore he didnt like it.. when he LOVED « fallen » and actually Fallen is the only Ev album where many and many tracks sound a like… it’s just a failed attempt at bringing the album down! pffft! and with mistakes like « proofs » and stating that this album is the « fourth » i cant really trust a critic that cant write :)Ha!



    a clueless critic

  • I don’t give a shit about your review …


  • WhoCaresAboutYou dit :

    WTF!!! This album will be Pure Ev and Pure FUN and pure amazingness!!! Don’t dare saying bad things about it if you don’t like them… GO TO HELL!!


  • Well… FUCK YOU, MORON!
    Evanescence’s a hell of band. If you don’t like it, don’t dare to write a review -.-



    That clueless dumb ass, clearly had no idea what he was stating and had no business posting this God damned review in the first place. He also had no clue and/or did not care how many Evanescence fans he was going to piss off.

  • if this is the fourth album, please name the third. thank you.



    Yes this is the fourth album… Geez how many times do the fans have to say it… Before Fallen there was Origin !!!!!


    no kidding o, i think he just got diaper rash, that must have messed his mind up a bit

  • that’s because you’re not really listening.


  • It’s ok to like Evanescence.

    And this is a BAD review. If your gonna review an album, then you need to really listen to what your hearing


  • geez.. you really don’t like this band do you. They way you described the whole album sounds awesome!! I have no doubt in this band. and you’re saying that it all sounds alike.. well that’s because you’re not really listening.


  • dannycastillo dit :

    It’s okay, Doc. You don’t have to feel ashamed for falling in love with such beautiful music. 🙂 Your balls won’t fall off, and we won’t discredit you as a genuine metalhead.

    Like one of your readers said, « this review is trying too hard to put the album down ». :/ Please write an honest review next time. 🙂



    stfu u annoying ass piece of shit


    Maybe he will not have his diaper on his head too tight, the next time he reviews something.

  • rofl, worst review ever.


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