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Artists : EvergreyChaoswave
Place : Nouveau Casino (Paris)
Date : 01-10-2009
Audience : Around 200 people

The evening starts with Chaoswave, a young Italian band that has realeased two
albums. A band apparently playing a « progressive metal with groovy influences » … didn’t really hear that tonight! But the energy of the combo gave us a good time with enough catchy riffs.
The large « originality » of the Italians is owed to the fact that they’ve got a male singer and a female singer who both have enough energy to spare. Especially Fabio. So a nice time with musicians that are happy touring. They just have now to find their musical world and to hone their performance on stage to really achieve a symbiosis with their audience.


Evergrey makes its appearance and obviously the fans are delighted to see them
again. Even if they have not here in huge numbers for the Swedish quartet. Because of the large number of concerts in Paris this autumn? Might be one reason. The mighty Tom S. Englund and his unique voice are launched for two hours of concert with almost no breaks. The band keeps on playing restlessly the titles of their songbook, revisiting each album. Only their first opus « The Dark Discovery » from 1998 is missing from the set list tonight.

Evergrey : Tom.

The best tracks are played and reviewed. But despite all this, we cannot get the
atmosphere that brings the audience to excel. Between songs, the singer almost doesn’t speak at all. Yet the sound is pretty good and the lights are well managed which thus highlight each musician. The band’s performance is in fact correct even though we have known them a bit more excited in the past. Especially Henrick who remains in his corner too quietly.

Some great solis.

We’ll note though some nice little moments where the audience participates in singing with Tom S. Englund. And not only on quiet songs my friends! « Am I sorry, » « Recreation Day » and especially « The Masterplan » were executed in an overwhelming ambience. On the compos side, the two albums « Recreation Day » (2003) and « In The Search Of Truth » (2001) were the most revisited. Another great moment was the interpretation of Tom on the title « Words Mean Nothing ». Alone with his piano in a beautiful soft lighting: this magic moment was lived with Tom’s voice full of emotion and feelings.

The musicians were thrilled.

A full set list of almost two hours, a band that still seems to be enjoying playing despite a missing audience (literally and figuratively) and a tour of small venues: our Swedish are not giving up and so’s the better for the loyal fans that were here this evening. In addition, to close this evening, Evergrey was having an autograph session on the second floor of the New Casino. These small rooms were really charming and their layouts allowed fans to get easily closer to the musicians. So what more do you need?


A great moment.

Set-list :
As I Lie Here Bleeding
More Than Ever
She Speak To The Dead
Watching The Skies
In Remembrance
End Of Your Days
Rulers Of The Mind
The Masterplan
Still In The Water
Monday Morning Apocalypse
Words Mean Nothing (Piano Vocals only)
I’m Sorry

1st Encore:
When The Fall Go Down
Recreation Day

2nd Encore:
Broken Wings
A Touch Of Blessing


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