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Exclusive new song premiere: Evergrey with “Restoring The Loss”

Evergrey deserves your utmost respect. No matter the conditions in which they have to play, no matter the size of the audience and no matter the ordeals they have to deal with, the music and its sharing with the fans remain the number one priority of these Swedes. Following a massive wave of departures from the band, leaving leader Tom Englund and keyboardist Rikard Zander the only two left, it’s an almost completely reconstituted band (once again excellent musicians and good backing vocalists) coming back from afar with a new endeavor entitled Glorious Collision, which is to be released on February the 28th. A refreshing album for the fans, including all the elements Evergrey’s audience appreciates: a powerful yet precise guitar tone, hard-hitting songs, melodic with that touch of melancholy soaring from Englund’s voice, once again full of sincerity and vulnerability.

Radio Metal, associated with SPV, would like to use this occasion to offer you an exclusive preview of a song of the album: the amazing “Restoring The Loss”. Let’s take a moment to notice the brilliant music arrangement. Not being particularly dense, the keyboard lines are discrete and subtly placed. A constant on the album. “Restoring The Loss” happens to be of exemplary moderation: no real solo, only a few fast runs here and there, to remind us that in Evergrey, they know how to play. The band does just enough to remind it, but stays rigorously simple. Let’s note the presence of a pleasant arpeggio, bare and simple, serving as a bridge for a few bars.

Finally, let us not forget (not a chance!) the chorus of this song, which will be the reason why you won’t be able to listen to it only once. You can listen to it (and re-listen to it) right here, and on air with Radio Metal.

[audio:evergrey-restoring_the_loss.mp3|titles=Evergrey – Restoring The Loss]

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  • Great Song man! !!! Keep it rocking.


  • nice song really i love it


  • Wow! I just love this song! Like you wrote, you can’t listen just once. I have already listened to it like 15 times, and just can’t stop! The new album will be AWESOME and I can’t wait any longer to hold it in my hands and listen to it over and over again until my ears start to bleed 🙂



  • Hope its not the final mix since its very boomy in the lower frequencys, and its not sounding good (The lower parts)



    On the other hand, this song is better than anything from Torn.

    Really looking forward for my signed copy!

    Well Kim…
    The first thing a guy who knows what he is talking about shoudl do is not to judge audio on Mp3s
    But I guess you knew the degree of loss every level of khz decrease means?
    Cause then you would be as quick to explain as well that compression of this sort starts peeling quality from the highs AND lows…

    Please do post any of your own productions to show Daniel Bergstrand and Tom Englund what they really should have done

    To each his own..

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