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Exclusive preview : Karelia is rock n’roll

“We put everything in this album. If it doesn’t sell, it finally won’t matter that much. We gave everything.” The words of Matthieu Kleiber, singer from Karelia, speak for themselves: the band has been fully involved in the making of their new record, Golden Decadence, that will be out the 26th of August. As a lot of you know – and for good reason! – Karelia and Radio Metal have been linked for years. But it will not prevent us, because it is our duty, to say what we think about that record, even if we appreciate the artist both personally and musically.

But the thing is that this Golden Decadence is a good album with a meticulous production, so we won’t shoot it down into flames just for fun, right? There are more singles in this record than in the previous ones, in which there were only one or two. Golden Decadence feels also more light-hearted than its predecessors. More rock n’roll, in short, so it’s not surprising to find that Rudolf Schenker, guitar player from Scorpions, took part in its recording. A great variety regarding the compos is also to mention, reminding of Korn in some tracks, or Samael for the electro parts.

Golden Decadence doesn’t fall into only one style of metal, therefore it’s quite difficult to label, and here is the only thing you can hold against them: sometimes, the band can’t manage to differentiate itself from its influences. But apart from that, Karelia managed to take risks, go forward, and innovate musically without losing any of the electro elements that make its identity. Regarding the parodic track “My TV Sucks”, we’d need to write pages to tell you what it’s about, so we won’t tell you anything about it so you can discover it yourself, directly in your speaker.

For now, Radio Metal allow you to listen to the song “War Party” just below as an exclusive sneak preview. Karelia had us waiting for too long for this Golden Decadence, but we assure you: it was worth it.

Here’s the proof:

[audio:karelia-war_party.mp3|titles=Karelia – War Party.mp3]

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