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Exclusive preview: Recueil Morbide are as brutal as ever

This fine Assumption day, which celebrates the Virgin Mary, is probably the best moment ever to ascend the arid hills of brutal death metal together. And yet, the song Recueil Morbide offer us today, as an exclusive preview if you please, is called “Alone”. Paradoxical, wouldn’t you say? But let’s cut the digression right here. The French band, signed on Great Dane Records, will soon release Only Hate Left, their fourth album, which you will be able to get your little hands on in the first half of September.

Founded in 2000, Recueil Morbide won us over thanks to their good riffs. For this very reason, we decided to share this little preview. And sharing the entire album with you guys in the upcoming weeks is not entirely out of the question. But for this to happen, you’ll have to express your joy at listening to Recueil Morbide on Radio Metal!

Enjoy this song and don’t hesitate to show support for the band on their Facebook page, so they can pass the current 313-fans mark. And do it quickly, ‘cause we want their page to reach 1,000 fans within the next five minutes! Thanks for them…

[audio:recueil_morbide-alone.mp3|titles=Recueil Morbide – Alone.mp3]

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