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Exclusive Sneak Preview: on the road to the apocalypse!

Radio Metal, in partnership with Nuclear Blast, presents you a sneak preview of the new track « Dr Pest », from Die Apokalyptischen Reiter‘s new album « Moral & Wahnsinn », which is to come out on the 25th of February 2011. After Licht, it is the second album to be written exclusively in German. The singer and bassist Volk Mann confirmed us yesterday on the phone that the band does not intend to produce tracks in English anymore. « Writing in English does not help that much anyway, we still remain a band with an unpronounceable German name. »

The album’s title, « Moral und Wahnsinn » (Morality and Insanity) suggests that the concepts of morality and insanity are not universal, but relative. As always, the German band follows the international current affairs and their album offers an analysis of the world’s mechanisms.
You’ll find more explanations on that topic in the interview of the very talkative Volk Mann, which will be available here in a few weeks.

Till then, you can enjoy « Dr Pest » here and in Radio Metal’s playlist:

[audio:die_apokalyptischen_reiter-dr_pest.mp3|titles=Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Dr Pest]

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