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Fast Food in the food industry is what MP3s are to the music industry

« Music is not software, music is art.» Steven Wilson

It’s strange to see that working musicians are often in their forties or sometimes thirties. However, the debate does not lie here. I am a respectful supporter of their artistic and militant musical commitments. I was inspired by Steven Wilson’s battle against MP3s, the current musical culture and industry in general for my own battle. This is the battle against unhealthy food and the food processing industry.

Millions of industrial hamburgers are sold each day in the whole world. They have become a custom in today’s globalisation. Not only are they much too high in saturated fats, sugar, salt and chemical additives, all ingredients associated with cancer and addiction, McDonald’s and co are all based on meat. This means that day after day animals are massacred after being born and raised in “industrial farms” for the sole purpose of being transformed into industrial processed food products. They have no access to fresh air, sun, or movement whether they are on the ground or in cages, therefore their only release is ultimately their bloody death. These factories see the animals as merely merchandise. The antibiotics, growth accelerators, torture techniques and genetic modifications are not for the good of our health but instead for the increased profitability of these companies. Why don’t they show the film Food Inc in schools? This is because the looming global processed food industry is extremely powerful.

So should we stop going to Fast Food restaurants? My answer is YES! But it does not stop there. You need to explain to your friends why you have made this choice. We have a tendency to underestimate our influence on others and our personal responsibility. We are able to gain weight through BOYCOTTING. We can use our wallets to break down this opposition to change and make a change! The outrageous profits gained by these companies are made in contempt of human and animal lives. This is an undeniable fact and you know it! If healthy food was the latest trend, I can assure you that these same companies would drastically change their ways. They are financially able to finance a system that is fairer and healthier.

I am transmitting my opinion to you without expecting these to change because of this militant piece of information.

Stay Hungry. Stay Metal & No Fast Food.

The Heavy Metal Cook

BLACKFIELD ­ 23th May 2011 – Montreal. A very unusual concert.
During his North American tour with Blackfield, I had a meeting with Steven Wilson to discuss these two issues. I received a phone call that morning informing me that our interview was cancelled due to the death of his father. However, the show still went ahead and the public were not made aware of this news. It was quite an unusual concert, yet the adoration displayed by the Montreal crowd was no doubt comforting to Steven Wilson.

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