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Ghost Brigade preview: face your fears and listen to the ghosts sing

After only two albums, Ghost Brigade managed to impose themselves as a band to be followed very, very closely. Their first effort, Guided By Fire, had already created a surprise thanks to a maturity that some bands don’t even reach after three albums. Then came the magnificent Isolation Songs in 2009, with which the Finns managed to perfect, refine and sublimate their melodic, melancholic death metal, sprinkled with post-metal flavors. The sextet also brought their universe to the stage and proved that their exacerbated sensitivity was all too real.

In many ways, Ghost Brigade is the very embodiment of what we can call Season Of Mist’s intuition: the label enlisted the band for their very first album, after realizing they had a big potential, like the biggest part of their catalogue. And this potential lived up to the expectations. The band’s third album, Until Fear No Longer Defines Us, will be released in a few weeks (August 19th, to be precise), and obviously raises a few questions: will the band simply capitalize on the artistic success of their second album, or will they be bold enough to evolve further?

The first song unveiled, “Clawmaster”, made the scales tip towards the first answer, since it could totally have fit on Isolation Songs. But in order to make a more educated judgment, we offer you, in association with Season Of Mist, an extra track from this new album, called “Cult Of Decay”.


[audio:ghost_brigade-cult_of_decay.mp3|titles=Ghost Brigade – Cult Of Decay]

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