Festival Report   

Hellfest here we come !

Listen again to Doc’s live report for the day:

11.17 PM: End of the day. The team were able to walk around the Hellfest site and talk with some of the musicians from Tamtrum, the Hellfest organisation members, as well as Olivier Garnier, or officially known as Mr Metal in France. It’s the perfect time to pick up on a few hot pieces of news: such as a surprise show by Mass Hysteria (with Patrick Roy on stage perhaps? Although the man said he could only be there on the Sunday…), a press conference with Alice Cooper including some exclusive time with the press: an acoustic set perhaps?
Just before going to see the French football team lose 2-0 to Mexico, Spaceman, Doc’ and Lost stuffed themselves with food in a restaurant. I guess you’re either bourgeois or you’re not. So here is evidence of this nouveau-riche Capitalist that is Spaceman’s menu: Fois Gras (goose liver), Magret de Canard (duck fillet) and a Banana Split. This is yet another side of Radio Metal.

Press area: The bar; this is the area where the most interesting conversations take place

Somewhat the most representative image of Radio Metal’s ways

6.10 PM: The Radio Metal team discover the VIP tent, peace haven in which journalists, photographers and musicians can get together to talk, chill and get wasted. This is the area from which our correspondents will call Metal’o Phil to give him their accounts, and who knows, perhaps put a few artists on the phone line…

Coroner at Hellfest 2011: buy your tickets now!

4.40 PM: Last year it was announced throughout the festival that Immortal would be part of the line-up for this year. This tradition happens every year and a name has already popped up. Those who are avid metal news readers will already know that Coroner will be playing at Hellfest next year during the 17th, 18th and 19th of June 2011. We found it hard to believe but Ben Barbaud managed to get the Swiss band back together again. The 2011 line-up which only includes a single band at the moment already seems pretty damn good… If you have not arrived to the site just yet, please note that you can already buy your tickets for the 2011 edition of Hellfest from the official boutique with a 25% reduction!

Tomorrow, instead of trucks, there will be people. Lots of people.

From afar the festival’s most important factor seems to be going well.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Fenceman.

4.19 PM: Radio Metal is in da House! Our team of reporters are on the Hellfest site watching them pit up the Mainstage 01 and have the great honour of meeting a great mechanical digger and a local truck. What are you waiting for? Go do your jobs and interview those things!

On the front page of weekly news.

2.28 PM: The team arrive at their hotel located in the village of Boussay. Spaceman can’t help himself from making a French pun out of the name. It is a complete fail as you expected, but no less than the fact that Doc’ has to explain the joke to both Lost and Metal’o Phil on the phone. Worst remains the smile that Spaceman proudly harbours after his… joke.

1.09 PM: It is time for the un-deserved meal. As you can see from the picture above, Lost harbours a look of confusion crossed with disgust when observing Spaceman eat. Furthermore, you can notice Doc’s indisputable picture taking skills. At the same time in the Radio Metal studios, Metal’o Phil is already feeling the loneliness, attempts to build a relationship with his own meal.

12.22 PM: First Radio Metal mistake; allowing Seb to talk: ”You see, Alice In Chains is bad Metallica with some teenage and acne-ridden Nirvana. Listening to that makes me feel uncomfortable”.
 « When I play drums, I turn around and piss in a bottle so I don’t have to go to the toilet and it pisses off my friends. » After this second quote, Metal’o Phil seriously considers contacting Opeth to offer Seb as their new songwriter.

In the studio: Black coffee and Scream by Ozzy Osbourne on full blast!!! Since these 4 days are going to very long for Metal’o Phil

9.57 AM: During this time, Metal’o Phil is working in the Radio Metal studios. Alone. However, as any metaller would, Metal’o Phil first went to the dermatologist because any individual fighting for the metal music scene must first of all go to the dermatologists’. Well yeah, what did you think? Don’t you think that Tom Araya, Glen Benton, Gaahl or Robert Plant just cruised their way there? Well they didn’t. Before going to defend their music, they went to see their dermatologist. As for you, dear festival goer, have you taken the time to go to the dermatologist before going to Hellfest?

Spaceman and Lost

8.30 AM: The team arrive in Paris and is welcomed by our reporter/photographer Lost, who has no idea how much he is about to regret accepting to travel in a car with Spaceman…

Seb and Spaceman at the departure

6.30 AM: Departure from Lyon

A banner in the green bag: crazy isn’t it?

5.36 AM: Our team is slowly emerging to go defend the colours of the metal scene in Clisson! Today’s program: train journey, drop off stuff at the hotel (for those staying there) and some tents in the camping area, placing of the Radio Metal banners around the festival or just drink to forget all about Spaceman’s general incompetence. Since our studios are based in Lyon, the meeting point has been set at 6.15 AM at Part-Dieu station where part of the team (Spaceman, Seb and the Doc’) will be joining Lost in Paris where he will drive them all to Clisson – Lost being the only member of staff with a driving license!!! Fox will be joining us in the Pays de la Loire by train while Florian will be travelling by coach.

From the studios up to Clisson

5.00 AM: The first of Radio Metal’s adventures actually started two days before during the evening of the 15th until the 16th of June 2010. Florian, one of our special correspondents, goes back to his apartment only to realise that he has been burgled. In fact, an old malfunctioning computer and unfortunately the tent that our reporter was looking forward to using tonight were stolen. We at Radio Metal are united in solidarity and we will not leave Florian in time of need, therefore, Spaceman will be sleeping outside instead!

From Thursday 17th until Monday 21st of June, Radio Metal will be reserving the air waves – as well as website’s home page – to Hellfest Open Air which will be starting tomorrow morning at 10.30 AM. There will be on air exclusive news flashes, hour by hour guide on the website and goodies: so follow Hellfest on Radio Metal! Also, don’t forget that the complete live report of these 3 music filled days will be online only a few days after the end of the festival.

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