Into the flaming hearts of Quebec’s students

It’s impossible not to draw a parallel between the following interview of In Flames, conducted last summer in Montreal, and the incredible revolution students from the province of Quebec have been leading for more than 100 days now.

A truly fascinating and inspiring revolution, that I invite you to discover on the various social networks. In the same way that metal manages to be hated by the bigger media, the news regarding the ingenuity, perseverance and great courage of Quebec’s students will probably never cross the Atlantic to incite European students to start their own revolution. The same passion can be found in the comments made by Peter IWERS concerning his Göteborg restaurant, the 2112, a name inspired by the legendary band RUSH – a Canadian band. May the love of metal and freedom never desert your hearts.

Interview conducted on july, 23th, 2011 at the Heavy MTL Festival in Montreal.

Transcription : Chloé

In Flames’s website : www.inflames.com

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