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Artists : KornJoe Kill Jack
Location : Paris (France)
Venue : Le Bataclan
Date : 17-06-2009
People : 1700 people

Joe Kill Jack

Joe Kill Jack, a Parisian band, will be the opening act tonight. And the least we can say is that the band’s rock’n’roll seems totally out of place. Non-existent stage presence, hardly convincing vocalist and less than catchy songs… Yes, it takes something to open a Korn gig. In spit of this, Joe Kill Jack must have felt it was an honour for them to play before such a prestigious band as Korn – especially since the show was sold-out. But let’s face facts: the atmosphere in the venue was exactly the same before and after the Parisian band’s set. Which can only mean they didn’t manage to convince the audience. Pity.

An explosive show!

The scorching, very disagreeable heat of the venue is at has reached its height, and the bar is now the place to be. Should we suspect that this is precisely the purpose of this unbearable heat? Korn finally come on stage, and “Right Now” and its dirty, unhealthy sound (the band’s trademark) serve to open the show. The scene is set, and the audience seems to be finally awake, which certainly doesn’t do anything to lessen the heat. Jonathan Davis is as charismatic as ever, and James Shaffer (guitars) looks like he did his make-up with Sparrow! But it was to be expected: said make-up won’t last long thanks to the temperature…

Johnathan Davis is the King!

Music-wise, the audience is treated during the break on “Coming Undone” to a cover of Queen’s famous “We Will Rock You”. But don’t let this little treat deceive you: tonight, to the audience’s delight, Korn play a sample of their best songs. However, those who were expecting to hear songs from Untitled, the band’s latest album, released in 2007, were disappointed, since the album wasn’t represented. But were there really many fans of this album in the pit tonight?! The set-list revolved around songs from the older albums, and only one song from See You On The Other Side was played. In any case, the “old” songs are right on the target, and the audience doesn’t hesitate to sing along every time (most notably during “Here To Stay” and “Freak On A Leash”). The temperature goes up a notch and is now probably close to 40°C. Almost every guy is the pit is now shirtless – a surreal situation. On stage, Korn’s impact is still the same: it’s something powerful and heavy we’re seeing, and Jonathan Davis’ stage presence is impressive. Needless to say, the bagpipes are here as well.

Mister James Schaffer

Like we mentioned earlier, Korn have always liked to slip allusions and tributes into their songs, with a few well-chosen medleys. Tonight, after Queen, it’s Metallica they cover, with the most nervous extract of “One”. During the encore, “Blind”, one of the band’s hymns, only serves to highlight the audience’s madness. A real earthquake that has the floor of the Bataclan shaking under our feet! After a “Got The Life” that seems to have been made for the stage, Korn conclude their set with yet another cover: Pink Floyd’s ridiculously famous “Another Brick In The Wall”. This show did go by quickly indeed.

The audience is satisfied, but for our part, we deplore the slightly unoriginal set-list. The band was obviously very happy with the welcome and the reaction of the Parisian fans. The only real downside of the night was the length of the show – 80 minutes only. €44 for a ticket, €35 for a T-shirt and extremely expensive beverages… Metal concerts are increasingly less affordable nowadays. And that doesn’t go only for Korn.

Set-list :

Right Now
Did My Time
Falling Away From Me
Coming Undone
Shoot And Ladders Intro
Helmet In The Bush
Here To Stay
Fake / One
Freak On A Leash
Y’All Want A Single
Somebody Someone

Encores :

Got The Life
Another Brick In The Wall

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