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Artists : Lamb Of GodL’Esprit Du Clan
Venue : Le Trabendo
Date : 30-06-2009
Audience : 700 people

On this last day of June, the audience is there for a metal hardcore show and so warmly welcomes L’Esprit du Clan. The band shows during the 45 minutes of their set a powerful will and the scene is definitly too small for their walking around. A good omen. Even though the heat is back in the capital, the parisian band gives all he’s got and offers an effective set. Arsene and Shiro, the singers of the combo, go back and forth on the stage while Bastos spins his drum sticks around.

L’Esprit Du Clan !

Chamka and Clem master perfectly their instruments. Special note for Clem who is not shy in spitting his beer on the crowd! All that is thus very peppy and the audience freely forms a circle pit at the request of the band. Very good introduction before Lamb Of God, a band that Arsene praises many times. Besides it seems that the arse of Randy (Randy Blythe, the singer of LOB) has really left its mark…but we will know nothing more. Arsene, you said too much or not enough! Anyway run for Chapitre IV : L’Enfer, C’Est Le Nôtre, the last album of L’Esprit Du Clan !

Lamb Of God live !

The audience cheers for « Lamb Of God, Lamb Of God » heralding a great ambiance. And it will actually be so. The band fills the Trabendo and it feels like the place is going to be set on fire! Wrath, the latest Lamb Of God, is a huge opus. The Americans attck the stage with a precise and open goal “fuck this place!”.

There’s no denying that the band, without any difficulties, wins over the audience with a music well set for highly effective in concert.

Huge show of LOG

Actually Lamb Of God is a frigging live machine! A slaughter no less. With Randy with a distinct charisma : both screamer and leader. From the first hit,
« Set To Fail », Randy throws himself in the crowd without any notice. The guitar players as well as John Campbell, the bass player, are set in front of the stage, square on their legs. Wich gives the impression to fight with a wall of unstoppable sounds.

Randy is raving mad!

Chris Adler, the band drum player, is pounding his set on his raised platform, which strengthens the show intensity. Show-wise: Randy is taking care of everything. This man is mad !

The band is clearly happy with this concert who is sold out. Randy saying it many times, even talking about an historical date. The strong points are « Now You’Ve Got Something To Die For », chanted by the fans, “Walk With Me In Hell” or the very pantera-like “Redneck” that makes the pit go wild. .

Horns Up!

Precisely like Pantera, Lamb Of God actually know how to swing in between calmer bits and excited moments. The band offers a great show and the audience reacts well, moves and sings rightly. The sound is strong and clear which leads to a smooth evening. To be also noted is the tribute from Randy to the band Gojira for he introduces them like the best actual metal band, no less! He won’t forget also to salute l’Esprit du Clan.

L’Esprit Du Clan setlist:

La Nuit
La Théorie Des Arumres
Circus Frénésie
Nouvelle Drogue
Dans Cette Fournaise
On Rase Pas Les Murs
Et Caetera
Le Temps Assassine
L’Enfer C’Est Le Nôtre

Lamb Of God setlist:

Set To Fail
Walk With Me In Hell
Something To Die For
Dead Seeds
Broken Heart
Laid To Rest
Black Label

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