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We painfully managed to put online the third version of Radio Metal’s website a year ago. Our main difficulty was the developers’ team we had to work with; they quickly appeared to be unable to honor their commitments concerning our requirements as much as the work and organization that we expected from them.

In the end, we had to face a two months long delay on the planned planning, and endless debates about the difference between the final results and the ones expected. All this was made even more difficult by the distance separating us from our provider, almost a week of blackout while the homepage announced a data migration, and most of all numerous negligence that we had to override in order to be able to put this damned website online. And we had to succeed because despite of all the problems we had to face that made our 2010 summer very stressful, this third version was a real improvement for us as a media.

However, as described previously, we were annoyed by a lot of graphical, technical and functional defaults and it’s still the case today. For instance the very dark visual style, which really wasn’t what we expected because we wanted to bring more light to a musical genre that is too often hidden in the darkness. Moreover, our wish to improve the visual style guidelines was reinforced by the numerous readers who complained in their messages that the white text on a black background was hurting their eyes.

As everyone knows, “if you want something done it’s better to do it yourself”. That is why yours truly had to roll up his sleeves this summer in order to offer our dear internet users a website more in accordance with the one we planned to create one year ago.

As a web media we have to take care of our visual style the same way than a publication its page setting. Because even if it’s unquestionably the contents’ quality that prevails over the look, our website must look interesting enough to make people want to listen to our radio, read our articles and encourage the announcers and partners to associate with us.

Now, after four years of existence, thanks to a strong involvement of the team and a lot of work, Radio Metal is finally appreciated and recognized, even if there is and will always be room for improvement. The website’s look had to be in accordance with its content. Just like the radio window that will get a makeover in the coming months.

Here you are, dear readers, now looking at the 4.0 version of Radio Metal. If you are a regular visitor, what you are looking at speaks surely for itself. Even if the whole arrangement scheme of the appearance remains substantially the same, our biggest challenge was to try and obtain a clear result with all the different contents that we offer, and to do our best to avoid that the website looks messy. Among the obvious improvements: at last a player worthy of the name to listen to the radio, a more journalistic appearance, RSS feeds (one for the articles and another one for the express news), a little makeover for the Radio Metal logo to make it look sharper, etc. Up to you to discover the other modifications. There are also some improvements less visible for you, listeners and readers, but that will make our work and our “business” (boo, the dirty word!) more professional.

However, we know that some flaws remain but you can count on us and our unweary tenacity to quickly get rid of them. In addition, we have already planned other improvements, notably the comeback of a picture gallery worthy of the name.

By the way, we want to thank deeply our venerable Guix who has always been there in time of need to help us to solve some problems and technical difficulties. Long Live Guix!

Let’s talk a little about the broadcasting now. We have a lot of ideas for it, not always doable for the time being. We would like to find a short program to replace Le journal du Hard that had recently disappeared, but also more generally speaking we would like to make our programs more human, even if there is nothing concrete yet. On this other hand, what is concrete is the arrival of a new program on our program planning: “God Save The Punk!” The title is clear. This project was made by two jolly fellows, Pierre and Paco, and we are sincerely looking forward to hear their program; they not only have knowledge, but also ideas and humor! No doubt they will manage to interest both novices and experts of this genre similar to the metal. Talking about similar genres, another program is under discussion. It will be devoted to blues music. In this adventure, your guide will be Timothy, a sagacious fellow who has a passion for this major genre that influenced so much hard rock and metal, but who doesn’t like the latter though. That’s going to be fun! Then finally, we are still looking for the qualified person(s) to offer us the good quality program about extreme metal that we are really lacking of. But we are still hopeful!

That’s the point where Radio Metal got to at the moment, along with the growing number of Iphone and Android applications, and the shop which is still expanding to offer good quality products and we hope soon some new ones.

One thing is certain: especially thanks to charts showing our continuous progress, we are aware that the choices we have made since four years are the good ones, even if not everyone agrees on our merits. We know that our tone is the good one, even if it annoys a lot of people. We are sure that our behavior is right, even if some people consider it pedantic as others considers it bold. You should be aware that it is difficult to be a professional media in the metal music field, on the internet, in France (who says we accumulate handicaps?). The Doc already mentioned it in the past in his weekly posts in the Doc’s Blog. It’ss not a small matter to change mindsets, the negative image and the amateurishness linked to the web, and to make people aware of the repercussions of our work, that everyone benfits from in the end everyone.

But in return, through numerous feedbacks and observations, we regularly receive proofs that we are making things happen, and that we encourage some musicians and even some web medias eager to imitate us to improve themselves. And this is already a victory, and an indescribable pride and joy. Some people will surely call us pretentious. Whatever, from the beginning we had to face enemies and negative people who wanted to throw a monkey wrench into the machine. It’s easier to criticize than to create, and honestly that’s fine by us anyway. The facts speak for themselves. The people who know us are aware that we are constantly questioning ourselves and that we are firmly determined to keep walking down the right path to keep alive this varied and fascinating musical genre that is metal our own way.

Wow, that surely sounds pretentious! But we needed a pompous paragraph, the ones we are fond of, to end this editorial, didn’t we? Well we can’t help it, we love it! And after all, victories are meant to be celebrated.

PS: Don’t worry, the podcasts and the programs planning will be back soon.

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