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Artist : Nargaroth[/urlb] – Nocturnal DepressionNefarium
Venue : Villeurbanne
City : Lyon
Date : 12-09-2009
Crowd : Around 500 people

Transcription : Izzy

There were so many bands playing this evening that we will only give you a detailed report on the three last ones. We start with Nefarium, an Italien combo who had clearly worked very hard on their stage appearance; with the traditional skulls and chains positioned at the foot of each microphone. Not to forget the red robes worn by each member, and of course, corpse paint. A great part of the certainly cliché environement yet also a great crowd pleaser… Except perhaps for those who left the room after the first act!

Nefarium !

About the songs: blasting drums, repetitive and overall very good sound. At the same time, we have to consider that the bands are not playing in a ceilor but at the CCO, where acoustics are usually very good. As for the crowd, some metallers seem to be skeptical to this Dark Funeral inspired metal, while others are more receptive and don’t hesistate to do some full on moshing. To conclude, Nefarium covered the well known basic structures of black metal successfully and the musicians certainly proved their talents. Conversely, they could have made a bit more of an effort to communicate with the crowd between songs and the end of their set seemed a bit rushed. Understandably, the band had to keep up their cold front… in order to remain “true”.

The guitarist and vocalist of Nefarium : Carnifex !

The atmosphere then changed completely with Nocturnal Depression from Grenoble, with their depressive melodic black metal. A band less well known to the public, perhaps because of their kitsh mannerisms and unoriginal songs. In effect, their performance seemed to be in accordance with their songs, meaning, average mid-tempo, repetitive riffs and simplistic morbid melodies.

Lord Lokhraed from Nocturnal Depression

The depressive black metal on the stage soon becomes tiresome. The moshing resides and everyone is rendered to watching the band intently. It seems that the Grenoblois’s performance has converted a few. Overall, a good reaction from the crowd who fell under Nocturnal Depression’s spell. The concert was reminescent of Forgotten Tomb’s concert in September 2004 in the same venue, in which the audience had the same calm and admiring reaction. What we can always expect from this band is songs that remind us of Nargaroth’s album Geliebte Des Regens, an influence they appear to have difficulty breaking away from. That said, Nocturnal Depression’s performance was more than adequate.

Nocturnal Depression

“Kanwulf is Nargaroth, Nargaroth is Kanwulf, no compromise” and definitely no trendies allowed! The most awaited band of the evening was of course Nargaroth, the German band formed in 1996, playing for the first time in France.

Kanwulf from Nargaroth

Kanwulf comes on stage, takes a look at the crowd for several minutes (a smaller audience than his usual) and wastes no time before rocking out to their famous song “Black Metal Ist Krieg”. Good opening choice, yet perhaps a bit rushed? Either way, the black metallers in the room react immediately and form a raging moshpit altogether. No compromise for Nargaroth who also rocked out savagely from the very first notes to the dislike of certain audience members. Nonetheless, the excitement in the crowd reappeared gradually throughout the set. As for the songs, it seems that Nargaroth felt obliged to perform two covers: “War” by Burzum (which needless to say, some found hilarious), followed by “Freezing Moon” by Mayhem. Covers of two bands that need no introduction. Once again, the clear sound was so good live that it seemed to surpass the quality on their albums. The songs were violent and efficient, and the crowd found it very hard to contain their excitement.

Nargaroth !

Kanwulf was able to keep up a cold and gloomy attitude accompanied by exagerated evil poses that seems almost burlesque. This is all part of the band’s famous stage antics, which cannot be dissed considering that it’s one of the main things the crowd came to see tonight! To wrap it up, Nargaroth gave a terrific performance which sought to please the fans with the choice of songs that although slightly jumbled, did a great job.

Kanwulf – What a poser !

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