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Artists : MadBallHoodsOnesta
Venue : Le Nouveau Casino
Date : 14-08-2009
Audience : ~ 400 people

At Last We Try being canceled, we calmly await the arrival of Onesta and of their NYHC from Paris. Boasting two albums, including the recent We Got Game, the new sensation of French hard core is unfortunately welcomed by a scarse crowd, but the violence of the pit, made mostly of skinheads, offsets the quantity. The « violent dancers » are ultra violent, swinging their feet, their fists and even their whole bodies (sure thing if I say so myself), without much regard for those who do not necessarily dream of being hit by a metal-coated shoe square in the face… As is understandable, not everyone enjoys that fact and it is in the same kind of spirit that a fight threatens to happen. What a great proof of their stupidity… and of the limits of the violent dancing? (For those who are not familiar with this form of body language, imagine a capoeira put through the mill of ultra violence. Woe to you if you’re too close).

Onesta live

On stage, Bogdan has an undeniable charisma and with Roman on bass, they get the
show going and don’t spare any efforts. Musically, it is hard core, no question about that, and the band is well set, enjoying the good light show, at least better than what we had seen for Danforth opening for Agnostic Front.

The singer changes his T-shirt, going from a We Got Game to a “Free Iraq” moto, and thus go into a speech tinged with politics. On this subject, the vehement speech on Obama, on « the fact that we get served a talk about his skin color and that’s not why he will change the world », is not very clear. Worth digging further in any case. Maybe during an interview for Radio Metal? After 40 minutes of a rather effective performance, the quartet leave the stage to hand it over to California’s Hoods.

Hoods – Mike

With a new albums, “The Pit Beast”, released in May, Mike Hood and his band storm the stage and the adience with their dirty, brutal, punk-tinged hardcore. This band has been around for twelve years, and their straightforward music still has its fans, even thicker nowadays, who mosh even harder. Mike is quite a talker, but his accent is hell. « What is your favorite football team? » he asks.Unfortunately, between us poor French people who really are not that good at foreign languages and Mike and his thick accent, the communication is not really smooth. Nice wink: the band start the first notes of Metallica’s « Enter Sandman » of Metallica, which chances to please the audience. But Hoods’ performance ends quickly, after thirty minutes at most. A little short, gentlemen.

Madball is eagerly expected, that’s both visible – the venue is now full – and audible – « Madball! Madball! ». Suddenly, the lights go off – and you can see a miserable technician desperately trying to warn someone that no, the show is not supposed to start just yet. In the “technical problems” series, Freddy and Mitts will also often complain about their mics. But these small problems do not completely spoil the party, skinhead audience moshes all they can, giving a very warm welcome to the New Yorkers. Madball have been in France for a long time and Freddy gives everything, striding along the stage, not remaining one second in the same spot, offsetting the static stances of Mitts and Hoya. But the singer seems really happy to be here, happy to come back to Paris before an audience that he will call old school hardcore. Because Freddy really is a chatterbox, at least as much as Mike Hood, and he will repeat often the word « respect ».

Madball – Freddy

A new CD is in preparation for 2009; meanwhile Madball offer a set list that forgets no albums, puts great emphasis on the band’s older compositions and does not draws tat much from Infiltrate The System, their latest opus. On the drums side, Ben Dussault, charming, will give us a refreshing speech in French. The guy is all smiles, it’s nice, a pleasant change from the stereotyped image of the bad boy playing rock n ‘roll or worse – hard core. The time for encores comes, and it’s with soaked T-shirts and caps that the band play their last songs for the evening. On the stage, Bogdan of Onesta appreciates and will provide backing vocals on the last songs. After an hour of pure energy, the show ends. More would have been too much and no doubt the New Casino would have melted down, so insane was the heat tonight. We only have to wait for the New Yorkers’ next album, and to wish that the fans won’t wait too long for their next concert in Paris!

As a final word, the evening has not been marked by the seal of great originality: bands hitting the speeding pedal … and that’s about it. But maybe this is what hard core is: an efficient live music, a music with messages and bands who play without revolutionizing the genre. Bands that bring their stone to the huge whole building, as Bogdan Onesta would say, with a difference that is made by the musicians, depending on their personality, their charisma and their ability to kick the butt of their audience. If the fervour of the audience is anything to go by, tonight was a success for the veterans of Madball.

Set-list Madball :

We The People
Set It Off
Smell The Bacon
Get Out
For My Enemies
Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
Hold It Down
Infiltrate The System
Heaven Hell
Look My Way
Hardcore Pride
Across Your Face
It’s My Life
Hardcore Pride

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