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On the 21st of April, Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot) was live on Radio Metal. We took the time to discuss Imaginarium, Nightwish’s ambitious project combining film and album, « close to what Pink Floyd did with The Wall ». It was quite enough to complete the video that was published by the band allowing fans to discover the working conditions as well as the ins and outs of the project.

Listen to this short interview :

[audio:interviews/Nightwish.mp3|titles=Interview with Marco Hietala (Nightwish)]

Updates on the album : « I’ve done all my recordings, I’ve done the bass and my part of the vocals already. There is one small peace where I do all the vocals. There are some peaces here and there on the album. But I think it’s pretty much on the same level as on Dark Passion Play. The only thing is this album is probably better (laugh). Anette’s done also her vocals too and the mixing is in the process. ». Imaginarium will not be out « before the start of next year. The album itself is gonna be ready pretty soon. But we still have the movie project going on. Because we’re gonna release the movie and the album pretty close. They are pretty much tighted to each other. That’s why it takes some time. « . When we asked him how he reacted when Tuomas Holopainen first mentioned the project : « I love the idea itself. But of course we had to make quite intense calculation how we gonna fund this whole thing and if we gonna be able to survive after that. ».

Yet more importantly, we asked him about the unfortunate events in which Anette became a victim to her son’s actions a few weeks ago : « I haven’t met him [Anette’s son] personnaly but i do know that he was one of the main reasons why Anette broke her ribs. So I guess it’s a real guy right from the start. Of course i know the father as well so it’s no wondering. « 

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