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Mike « pipi-caca » Patton on tour ?

Now that’s an interesting question. Faith No More will be at Sonisphere of Madrid[/urlb] on the 9th and 10th of July and we will of course be there too to see the San Franciscan band because seeing them on stage is always an out of this world experience. And needless to say, that we will also be there for the unique performance of their singer Mike Patton. If you are a faithful Radio Metal listener/reader, you will know that many members of the RM team are fans of the front man. He is an exceptional singer in Faith No More, crazed loon in Mr Bungle and king of experimental music in Fantomas; in other words, Mike Patton has proved his musical talents in many branches. However, today we find ourselves pondering on one question:

Why is Mike Patton into so much pipi-caca stuff ?

Bad memories from childhood ? An uncurable taste for provocation ? An exhibitionist side ? Many questions to which there are probably many answers.

In 1992, when Faith No More were touring with Guns N’Roses and Soundgarden, Mike Patton was already letting himself be spat unpon by the bands mentioned before who simply did not understand a thing about the music of Billy Gould’s gang. Bottles would fly, spit was everywhere, Mike Patton was drinking his piss: basically, the good old days.

The video below was filmed in Lisbon. 17 years later and Mike Patton has not changed a bit. He recently showed his penis to the entire Faith No More audience (warning picture reserved to over 18’s only) whilst using his thingy right in front of a video camera filming the show…

Now that’s what I call a show !

It could be fun if we witnessed a total sex trip with Flake from Rammstein and Patton from FNM in Spain. In fact, this might well happen since the two bands have worked together in the past when the Germans remixed “Last Cup Of Sorrow” on the record “Album Of The Year”, released in 1997. You could then add Till Lendemann as a guest appearance and Roddy Bottum as a voyeur to the boisterous lads. Honestly, only in metal could you ever imagine such fantasies…

Who knows? Maybe Patton could go relieve himself in Rammstein’s fridge in the same way that he did to the band L7 during their tour in the 90s. That could be fun.
Although this time, Mike might have to run faster.

A lot faster.

Translation : Izzy

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