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The Murderdolls show taking place yesterday evening at Bordeaux, France, was cut short. The set lasted about 40 minutes and Bordeaux’s audience was flabbergasted by what it has seen. 10 minutes into the show, Joey Jordison left the stage, with no warning! « The problem came from a big disagreement between Joey Jordison and his guitar technician » explained Karine Sancho, spokeswoman from Roadrunner France, this morning on the phone.

A problem which seems to have been opposing Joey Jordison to his guitar tech since the soundcheck, earlier that afternoon. We’re waiting for more information in the minutes to come; we’ll edit this article as soon as we know more.

Let’s talk more about the show: Joey leaves, the band stops performing and goes after him before bringing him back on stage. But after a few minutes, our buddy Jordison throws his guitar away during the song “Twist My Sister” before a roadie rushes on stage to get it. Joey returns backstage and doesn’t come back! Here’s the video:

This is about 20 minutes into the show. About 5 minutes after this new halt, the band comes back – without for Jordison, who remained backstage as you’ve already understood – apologizes for the “technical difficulties” they’ve met and play a few more songs without Joey before ending the set which only lasted about 40 minutes. According to Karine Sancho « the band would’ve liked to play more, but too many songs needed both guitars. ».

Couldn’t Jordison have disregarded the aforementioned problems with his guitar technician for the time of the set, to show the fans the respect they deserve? Has Bordeaux’s audience (about 370 people) just witnessed a rockstar tantrum from Slipknot’s drummer? The fact is the previous show in Lyon went just fine.

Also, in Bordeaux, Murderdolls’ opening band Marionette performed just as smoothly as the other Murderdolls members, who were up to performing as usual, as the facts tend to show. Despite their legitimate frustration and lack of understanding following the band’s rushed departure, the audience remained calm.

Here is the official setlist that should’ve been played during the show at Bordeaux (thanks Xavier):

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