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We spoke to Mark Jansen (Epica, Mayan) on the phone yesterday. In the twenty minute interview, we mainly spoke about his new project Mayan. However, we also seized the chance to ask about any Epica news at the end of the interview. Mark confirmed that the album following Design Your Universe (2009) will be recorded this summer and most probably releasedin March 2012. 14 of the tracks have already been written: « I think they are on the line of Desing The Universe because we were really happy with the style of that album. Also many fans asked us to keep this style because they also enjoyed a lot that album. But we always do whatever feels good. I think it won’t be a big step in a different direction but we always try to add some new elements« .

In 2012, it will be the band’s tenth anniversary. In order celebrate this event, Epica are considering a few options: « For sure, we want to record a DVD for that event. We’re looking to the possibility to get the orchestra from Hungary and do a big show. Also, we would like to release the DVD the fans asked for but never got from The Classical Conspiracy. Then we are going to do a new show with some new classical songs as well. And hopefully this time we can make a DVD out of it. It’s all plans, we still have to discuss and work it out. Basically that’s the rough idea. ».

They are also planning several tours, including one in Europe, one in the United States and one in South America, as well as taking part in the summer festivals. He concluded: « 2012 will be a busy year for Epica ! ».

The full interview will be available on the Radio Metal website in a just a few weeks.

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