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Radio Metal is smart!

Here we are, with a new milestone behind us: the Radio Metal smartphone application is now available for free for iPhone and Android! We know it’s been quite a long wait for you – and even more so for us, since the project was initiated many moons ago. For months we had to fight with a certain contractor with whom it was quite difficult to work, despite the high price they demanded. As a result, we lost seven months before we decided to pull the plug on a project (originally a simple app that would play the radio and display a few pieces of informations) we just didn’t seem to get through. At the end of August, we contacted another contractor, My Lucky Day, who have developed the Jazz Radio app, among others. In the beginning of September, they presented us with a first version. A week later, they offered to add a couple of functionalities to make the app more interesting. Mid-September, the app was ready and was made available for Android. And since the end of September
it’s available in Apple’s App Store and can be used on iPhone. In the end, all it took for the contractor to complete the app with our required criteria and the extra functions was a little month. Many thanks to My Lucky Day for their professionalism, their impressive reactivity and the quality of their work!

The app will allow you to listen to Radio Metal wherever you are and whatever you do, as long as you have 3G on your phone! It’s also free, which is why an ad appears when the app is opened and a small banner is displayed at the bottom of the screen. This kind of app comes at a price, and after careful consideration, that’s the financing option we opted for, in partnership with our contractor. Aside from playing the radio and displaying the title of the song being played, the name of the artist and the cover, the app can also display the broadcast history. Small bonus for Android, not available on iPhone yet: by clicking “+” or a song in the history, you can access relevant videos. Last but not least, there’s the possibility to read our “news express” (in French) directly in the app, to keep you up to date with the metal news at all times.

Happy now?

Bugs probably do exist, so don’t hesitate to inform us by e-mail (see Contacts section) to help us correct them. Likewise, you can share your feelings and your ideas for improvements/functionalities in the comments below.

Let’s use this article to take stock of the various means available at this point to listen to Radio Metal:

– There’s of course the web player, available by clicking the “Rm Player” button in the red banner at the top of this site’s main page. In the same banner, you can also find icons that allow you to listen to the radio via various players.

– For iTunes enthusiasts, Radio Metal’s been up there for a few months now. To access it from the iTunes interface, go to Libraries > Radio > HardRock/Metal > Radio Metal. Be careful, another radio has the gall to call itself RadioMetal (even though the brand belongs to us), so don’t select the wrong one!

– And finally, from today on, there are smartphone apps. If you have an Android-based smartphone, head over to Google Play. For those of you who use an iPhone, the magic happens on the App Store. Look for “Radio Metal”, you should find the app easily enough.

Happy listening!

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