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Painful Exploration by Loud At Least! offers some accessible music that hardly disowns the bands Whitesnake or UFO. Radio Metal had the chance to catch up with Gernot to find out more about the Austrian band. Here it goes!

Radio Metal : Hello Gernot can you present Loud At Least! to our Radio Metal readers and listeners?

Gernot (bass guitar) : Hi all metalheads out there! What do you think about Austrian music? Mozart? Haydn? Schubert? Well, these are good choices but here are five guys who have come to rock! If you are hooked to Classic Hardrock and Metal Loud At Least! is the address to go to!

Dio, Whitesnake, UFO and Gotthard are your main influences. Do you think that nowadays your melodic Classic Heavy Rock can reach a large audience? Airbourne is one of the bands that has encountered success, however, this is unlike the majority of classic rock bands…

Of course nowadays there are several so called “new styles” of rock music like grunge, prog or deathmetal which are represented by many popular bands. But if you look at the last few years you may find several of the famous classic bands headlining the most important festivals throughout the world. As a result there are more and more new and young bands dedicated to this kind of music and many of them are able to step out of the shadows of their idols like Airbourne. Kiss, AC/DC, Whitesnake, Judas Priest and many more still play in front of thousands, so I`m convinced the quality of music like that will survive all trends and fashions.

You released your debut album last year, Painful Exploration, are you happy with the fans’ opinions and the critics from the media?

Well, first of all the project was just dedicated to the release of Painful Exploration. The overwhelming reaction from friends, magazines and radio stations made us create the actual band Loud At least!. So far we played some gigs in Austria and it`s really great fun!

The artwork represents a man controlled by the government and political ideas. Are there any political lyrics in Painful Exploration? Many rock bands find it easier to write about sex, drug and rock n’roll…

The cover of our recent CD Painful Exploration is referring to the lyrics from the title track. Misguided masses are victims of tyrannical leaders but at the same time may become brutal aggressors themselves. We don`t have to do anything with drugs, nevertheless of course we like sex and rock`n`roll…

You did a music video for the track “Circle Of Madness”. What is the aim of this video?

The music video for “Circle Of Madness” is supposed to reveal the cynic mendacity of religious or political messages which are degrading people to small chess figures in perverse games of tyrants. Regarding the low budget the director Christian Steffner did a great job I think.

Is it difficult to spread good music in Austria? Is your country, as is Germany, a metal/rock influenced country?

Ha, you`re talking about a critical point now! There are smaller and independent radio stations and newspapers next to us which provide really fantastic promotion. The national public broadcasting company ORF doesn`t care about good national rock music at all! But our video for “Circle Of Madness” is running on Austria`s music TV channel “GoTV”. As I mentioned above Austria is mainly identified with Mozart, the Alps and the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

You have been radio broadcasted in many countries around the world. Have you noticed an impact on your MySpace visits etc.?

Of course there is lots of feedback and new contacts which seem to open new doors to us. Nevertheless, one has to learn that music also is business and sometimes hard to handle this way, especially in search of promotion and distribution deals. By the way it`s really exciting if your music is announced in countries that are thousands of miles away!

What is your communication strategy in the few weeks/months to come?

We try to get in contact with as many media sources as possible. Being featured by a radio station like yours is really a nice opportunity!

Are you working on your second album already?

Yes, currently we are pre-producing new tracks for the next album. Our intention is to enter the recording studio at the end of the year.

Have you got any dates scheduled?

Regarding our work for the next CD there`s just one gig scheduled so far. It will happen in our hometown Liezen in Styria at the end of October. Of course, we plan to enhance the number of gigs in the future.

Email interview conducted on july 2010
MySpace Loud At least : www.myspace.com/loudatleast

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