Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper): “Believe in your dreams and live your passion to the fullest”

Some interviews turn out to be excellent surprises. The one I conducted with Ryan Roxie is a perfect example of that. I discovered a man with a conscience, who talked openly about his “Sex, Drugs and Rock And Roll” excesses.

The advantages that go along with a big tour can only encourage excesses. “Ask whatever you want, and you’ll probably get it”, he tells me when we start talking about giant tours like the one he’s currently carrying out around the world with Alice Cooper. The key word here is “whatever”. It sounds like a dream. Obviously, not everybody has the same tastes, but we’re all thinking the same things here.

That being said, going directly from excesses to transcendental meditation and being insightful enough to not go to the grave too quickly seems surprising from a glam-looking rock musician – after all, the genre is propitious to all kinds of abuses.

But like Devin Townsend, Ryan Roxie doesn’t want to be seen as someone who preaches the good word. He’s a clear-sighted guy, whose eyes sparkle when he talks about having breakfast in front of the TV when he was just a kid dreaming to become a guitar hero.

He’s also a guy with an honest laugh when he discovers where his love of “big boobs” comes from – and a sincere guy when we talk about our desire to pass experiences along to the new generation.

“Believe in your dreams and live your passion to the fullest”: here’s the message I will keep.

You can also find this video on YouTube.

« It’s kind of amazing, every day I get to play with Alice, I learn something about music, something about life because he has so much experience and so much cool history… »

Stay Hungry. Stay Metal.


Interview conducted on July, 11th 2012 in Montreal

Ryan Roxie’s official website: www.ryanroxie.com
Alice Cooper’s official website: alicecooper.com

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