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Scorpions: the last hour?

Klaus Meine :
« 2010 will be a very special year for us. »

Thanks to particularly modern riffs and just as modern a production, Humanity: Hour 1, Scorpions’ latest album to date, sounded like a second youth. A striking album, whose title demanded a sequel.

A sequel is what the band actually had in mind, but in the end, Humanity: Hour 2 will never see the light of day. The Germans decided to backpedal instead and to record Stings In The Tail (to be released on 19th February 2010), an album that should mark a “sharp” return to the traditional hard rock that made the band so famous worldwide. A pattern that strangely looks that the one we saw back in the day, between the controversial Eye To Eye and the reassuring Unbreakable. But things might go differently this time.

Will things come full circle?

The signs don’t lie: a huge « S » on the booklet cover, like a hammered declaration. Then a two-year tour, and the band’s desire to “play in the biggest venue of every city they’ll stop by”. Such a tour will obviously be exhausting – the kind of journey that you can’t come back from. And anyway, after such a feat, would it even be worth it?

And also, especially, there is this information that came to our attention. To be blunt, it could be that Sting In The Tail will mark the end of the band, and not only of an era. A press conference, during which « sensational statement » [/urlb]will be announced, should take place soon – before the end of January, to be precise.

We will know more in a few days – but don’t tell us you didn’t know.

Updated on Sunday, January 24th 2010 at 1pm:

It is now official, the Scorpions will end their career with their upcoming album Sting In The Tail and after a very long fairwell tour.

Here is the official statement from the band[/urlb]:

« Important Message to our Fans

It was always our pleasure, our purpose in life, our passion and we were fortunate enough to make music for you – whether it was live on stage or in the studio, creating new songs.

While we were working on our album these past few months, we could literally feel how powerful and creative our work was – and how much fun we were still having, in the process. But there was also something else: We want to end the Scorpion’s extraordinary career on a high note. We are extremely grateful for the fact that we still have the same passion for music we’ve always had since the beginning. This is why, especially now, we agree we have reached the end of the road. We finish our career with an album we consider to be one of the best we have ever recorded and with a tour that will start in our home country Germany and take us to five different continents over the next few years.

We want you, our fans, to be the first to know about this. Thank you for your never-ending support throughout the years!

We uploaded the very first snippets from our new album for you.

And now… let’s get the party started and get ready for a « Sting in the Tail »!« 

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