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Stone Sour: sovereign in their enclosure

You don’t need to be a physicist to imagine that a too high density of metal concentrated and compressed in a too tight, closed space will necessarily end up exploding. Let’s say it’s some kind of poetic physics. Anyway, that’s what can be felt watching Stone Sour’s new music video for their song “Gone Sovereign” from the band’s new album, House Of Gold And Bones Part 1, out the 22th of October. In this video, you can see these musicians (including the bearded new bass player Johny Chow) packed tightly together in this red pen that can only collapse under the heavy assault from Corey Taylor – who’s reminding us that he’s actually hiding hair under his trademark mask or beret – and his bandmates. And when the band is finally set free, the explosion happens on stage, in the middle of the fans, who will hopefully be able to witness it live during the band’s next tour that will start in Paris the 25th of November and that will take them from Japan to Sweden during the upcoming months. And maybe you will end up as dumbfounded as the character at the end of the video…

Video that Radio Metal and Roadrunner Records are proud to present you as a preview.

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