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Artist : Suicidal Tendencies
Venue : Saarbrücken (Germany)
Date : 30-06-2009
Audience : around 600 people.

Year Of The Cycos, the latest ST.

It should be forbidden for bands to have to play live in such hot conditions. It’s thirty degrees outside and it’s even hotter inside the Garage venue. The show tonight is going to be loud; our German friends are receiving the gods of Venice Beach: Suicidal Tendencies! Only a few days after their performance at Hellfest and Graspop, they are back for a more intimate gig in a smaller venue to allow them to be closer to the crowd this time!

Mike Muir in the house!

Some 600 people are here tonight to welcome them, encourage them and worship them. Yes, worship them. The average age of the people here tonight is definitely over 30, making us believe that there are reasonable and responsible people in the crowd. The beasts have been let out. The lights finally start to dim and the photographers take their places. Tonight, they better be motivated, tough and alert because Mr Mike Muir is far from calm. Aged 45, he still jumps around like a jaguar!

Just like on their last French tour and at Hellfest 2009, the band start off with their signature track “You Can’t Bring Me Down” as the first of their hellish set list. The crowd react immediately! Muir and Clark take over the stage as the audience gradually turns into a big pile of sweaty jumping bodies. Very impressive. Steve Brunner shows that he is completely at ease even though he doing quite jump around as much as Robert Trujillo did. He seems to have found his place in the savage Suicidal Tendencies crew, solidly upheld by Dean Pleasant playing heavier than ever. Eric Moore is literally killing it with his power and dexterity from behind the drum kit!

The opening is followed by “Ain’t Gonna Take It” and “Subliminal” which brought on a new groove for the crowd to shake to. This might surprise people who are not familiar with the ST. They have a particular fusion of musical cultures, appearance, Mike Muir’s uncommon tone and his original vocals. No one could ever find a band as aggressive, as fast and as groovy (even funky at times as in “We Are Family”).Unconventionally, the music is also available to all. Mike Muir says it himself during the intro from “Cyco Vision” : “Take what you like, this is how we are. Whenever you don’t like it, we’ll still play”.

Communion with the crowd

There are floods of rage and hit songs! Crowd surfers are at their peak on amazing tracks like “War Inside My Head”, “Lost Again” and “Send Me Your Money”. They manage to make the air in the Garage even harder to breathe. Mike Clark’s solos are perfect despite the fact that the level is as basic as guitar hero riffs. The next tracks are “We Are Family” and the more recent track “Come Alive”. At this point, everyone is a part of the concert; the crowd becoming a sixth member of the band…

We realise that “Feel Like Shit” is actually quite a heavy track when it is followed by “Possessed To Skate”. It is absolute madness in the room amidst the moshing and crowd surfing. There is even a queue to get out of the moshpit. All of the shy people at the back have now given in to the power of Suicidal Tendencies. Mike Muir gives his intro speech for “Cyco Vision” and then they go onto the punkish song “I Saw Your Mommy”. Eric Moore who is about two metres tall and two metres wide performs a drum solo that is simply amazing! Although he is so much like a giant, he waddles around on the stage. He definitely comes across as a middle class American. Yet the second he sits behind that drum kit, he almost gives Lars Ulrich a run for his money! Five minutes of great showmanship and demonstration of strength. We thank you sir.

What seems more appropriate than to yell “do you want more?” before starting the song “I Want More”, one of the fastest and in your face aggressive tracks. One hour and fifteen minutes in your face performance has gone by and even though it has been going by very fast, we sense that the end is near. In fact, Suicidal Tendencies leave the stage right after “How Will I Laugh Tomorrow” under a shower of praise and applause.

Suicidal Tendencies at Hellfest in 2009 !

Nonetheless, the encores are always there to give the concert a last boost. Except this time, the Californians has toned it up to the maximum by playing “I Shot Reagan” (famous cover of “I Shot The Devil”). Then comes the moment all Suicidal Tendencies true fans have been waiting for. Arms in the air, making the ST sign with their hands. Mike Muir grabs the mic to invite all of the fans on stage to “pledge the allegiance”. This is when the intro riff to the legendary “Pledge The Allegiance” starts ringing… About fifty people have now gotten unto the stage at this point… The lucky bastards… Radio Metal was there! Nowhere else will you find such professionalism! Of course it was all done for your benefit and to get a feel of what it was like inside…

The atmosphere on stage is insane. There are about thirty people shuffled around Mike Muir, two fans manage to get Steve Brunner on their shoulders and two others are taking pictures with Clark and Dean Pleasant. Madness I tell you! At the end of the track, each stage invader gets his chance to shake hands with their heros. This ritual takes place at every concert but it’s still great…

After an hour and forty five minutes of such an amazing concert in blistering heat we are left feeling drained as we leave the Garage. The crowd has seen their heros play, they discovered an amazing band or they simply had a great time. Suicidal Tendencies gave a great show which will stick in our heads as an amazing memory. This is when we realise why Suicidal Tendencies have so many devoted fans despite their unconventional style.

Set-list :

You Can’t Bring Me Down
Ain’t Gonna Take It
War Inside My Head
Lost Again
Send Me Your Money
We Are Family
Come Alive
Feel Like Shit… Déjà Vu
Possessed To Skate
Cyco Vision
I Saw Your Mommy I Want More How Will I Laugh Tomorrow

Encores :

I Shot Reagan (titre original de “I Shot The Devil”)
Pledge Your Allegiance

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