Hi, my name is Ben Robson and I like Nevermore

Remember Ben Robson ? You know, this Internet guy with an exquisite dress sense, who came out of nowhere and got famous in a competition organised by Metal Sucks. The aim of this competition was to write vocals for a Nevermore song and to film yourself singing them. The winner would win the right to play his version with the band, on stage. What a present ! Since then, Ben had his present, and even more ! Here is a short footage that follows him during this memorable day with the band. As promised, he did not forget his famous sweat-shirt and dance for his moment of glory, on stage.

Ben was kind enough to share his impressions in a small report.

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Happy birthday Franky!

Radio Metal is offering today this column to Franky Costanza, Dagoba’s drummer. You know, “the first metal band to make a name of himself in France for over 30 years” ! Delighted with his cross-interview with Gene Hoglan (Fear Factory, …), Franky has expressed his impressions about this encounter in this present column. The interview of these two drummers, which occurred on July 9th during Anarchy-X, the broadcast you can listen to every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 to 10pm, can be listened to and read here. And now Franky, the place is yours.

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