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Antenne : CARCARIASS en interview dans PFA ce lundi soir

L’émission de Radio Metal consacrée au metal extrême PFA proposera la vingt-cinquième émission de sa onzième saison ce lundi 27 février 2023. L’équipe vous proposera un entretien avec le groupe de death metal mélodique et progressif CARCARIASS à l’occasion de la sortie du nouvel album Afterworld vendredi 3 mars. L’émission débutera ce soir à partir de 20h30 sur notre antenne. Voir le programme de l’émission…

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ANTENNE : MAGOYOND ce Vendredi matin dans le METAL MORNING SHOW !

Ce Vendredi 27 Janvier, le groupe MAGOYOND sera dans le METAL MORNING SHOW !

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ARTE Concert : sur le front malgré les annulations

Plus de dix ans après sa création, ARTE Concert est devenue une référence dans le secteur musical français. En tant que plateforme numérique, le pôle musique de la chaîne franco-allemande ARTE soutient la scène culturelle au sens large en diffusant des milliers de concerts sur ses réseaux sociaux mais également des reportages, des sujets de fond, etc., qui ont tous pour dénominateur commun l’exigence de qualité.

Cette semaine est particulière pour ARTE Concert car le média aurait dû, comme beaucoup d’entre nous, faire ses bagages en direction de Clisson pour faire vivre comme il se doit le Hellfest Open Air qui devait se tenir à partir de ce vendredi 19 juin. Mais crise du Covid-19 oblige, ARTE Concert a été dans l’obligation de se réinventer pour renouveler ses programmes et rester actif. Le Hellfest Open Air sera ainsi mis en avant par de nombreux biais chez nos confrères, aussi bien sur le web que sur la chaîne ARTE.

Nous avons discuté de tout cela avec José Correia, le responsable programmation d’ARTE Concert, qui revient sur l’histoire de la plateforme, son fonctionnement, et évoque plus spécifiquement son lien avec le Hellfest Open Air et son rapport avec le public metal.

Lire l’interview…


Schammasch: in the flames of creation and destruction

After reaching the end of a massive cycle that saw the release of a single album (Sic Lvceat Lvx), a double album (Contradiction), a triple album (Triangle), Schammasch were under a bit of pressure, to put it mildly. For the Swiss band, a new era began in late 2019 with Hearts Of No Light, which was as much about continuity as it was about change. Continuity, because Schammasch has leveraged on one album everything they’ve ever developed musically. And change, because in many ways, the band struck down a conceptual path vastly different from Triangle, tried to « demolish the past » to better rise from the ashes, and revealed never-seen-before facets of their musical personality.

The first album of a diptych (the second is to be released at a later date), Hearts Of No Light offers a darkly pessimistic vision of humanity. It’s also, once again, a remarkable work of art, chock-full of symbols borrowed from Christianity, mythology and esotericism, that transcends genres and encourages the listener to reflect upon him- or herself.

We simply had to ask a few questions to the band’s mastermind, Chris S.R., who now only answers interviews via e-mail, so he has enough time to think. « Compare a jam session to an in depth songwriting phase and imagine the two results and how different they will be. It‘s the same with interviews for me. » An explanation that shows how meticulously attentive and how wary of imprecision the musician is when it comes to his art.

Read the interview…


Ghost: from the pit to the pinnacle

Nameless Ghoul - GhostIn 2016 as in 2015, Ghost has established itself as one of the bands most exposed to the spotlight. They are part of the minority of bands who, from their beginning, have known exactly where they wanted to go, and how it should be done, while being as ambitious as possible. When we first met with them, almost three years ago, they showed a strong determination to succeed. Today, their third album, Meliora, gives them a massive and recognized force to continue the spread of their music worldwide.

This new interview with one of the Ghouls, a guitarist and keeper of the keys to the mysterious world of Ghost, attests to their immense appetite: they don’t want to rest on their laurels and would rather follow in the wake of the greatest bands, which they have done, for example, by getting a Grammy (best metal performance of the year), just a few days after our interview, which is a notable and rare feat for a Swedish band.

This interview was also an opportunity to address with them one of the most difficult moments in rock history and just in our history: the terrorist attacks of November 13th that occurred right in the middle the first stage of the Meliora tour, knowing that Ghost was expected to play in Paris two weeks later. Feeling that the threat had passed close to them, these tragic events have reinforced their beliefs, highlighting their subtle message about religion, although without turning them into preachers. After all, their main objective has always been to give their ever more faithful audience a good time.

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Dream Theater: the reconquest of the throne

James LaBrie & Jordan Rudess - Dream TheaterScene From A Memory, released in 1999, is not only one of the most emblematic works of Dream Theater but also one of the most recognized conceptual albums of the metal world. Therefore it’s not surprising that for years, the fans have been calling out loud and long for a new conceptual release of this caliber, especially after a series of albums in recent years, in which Dream Theater has more or less rested on its laurels. The group finally heard, offering this year what appears to be, on paper at least, the most ambitious album ever envisioned by the group, called The Astonishing.

Two discs, thirty-four tracks, an orchestra, various choirs and a complex history. In 2285, in a world where the rich Great Northern Empire Of The Americas (embodied by Emperor Nafaryus, Empress Arabelle, Daryus and Faythe) is opposed to rebel militia Ravenskill (embodied by Evangeline, Gabriel and Arhys) living in poverty, art no longer exists, replaced by « noise machines » called Nomacs. Gabriel is the hero who shows to people emotions, passion, happiness and hope that comes with the music, which obviously worries Emperor Nafaryus who fears an uprising.

The story has been conceived and written by guitarist John Petrucci and music composed by him and keyboardist Jordan Rudess. It’s the latter, with singer James LaBrie (unfortunately with mild laryngitis the day of our interview), who faced the challenge of incarnating no less than eight characters for the sake of history, we have met to talk about this monumental undertaking that has been theirs for two and a half years and which result is about to see the light of day.

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Pop Evil: towards the light

Pop Evil 2015

It is a fact of life that finally meeting success when you’ve spent years slaving away and trying to succeed by yourself is going to change your perspectives. You’ll see life in a new, brighter light. You stop pining and make the most of all the good things that are now available to you to keep the momentum going, because you know where you’re coming from. That’s exactly what Pop Evil are doing now. The band is back with Up, a new, much more positive and optimistic album. When they landed in Seattle to create their fifth record, alongside producer Adam Kasper (known for his work with big names of rock like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, the Foo Fighters, or Queens Of The Stone Age), they were moved by a simple desire to have fun, collaborate, and refine their identity.

Pop Evil don’t take anything for granted, and know that they’re only at the beginning of the journey and need to keep going. That, in substance, is what singer Leigh Kakaty told us in the following interview, which mostly covers the genesis of Up. There’s no doubt this record will keep Pop Evil on American wavebands for a long time, and the delighted frontman sees that as proof of a job well done.

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Brian « Head » Welch (Korn): God and Metal

Brian "Head" Welch - KornThe Hellfest storm has abated, the wind has died down and the sand has settled. Calmly. Peacefully. Head, Korn’s co-founder and guitarist, who left the team in 2005 only to come back in 2013, has met God and His son. He has spent time away from the rock business to write and publish his first autobiographical book, the aptly named “Save Me From Myself”. Since then, long before he was even back in Korn, he’s been spreading the good word and sowing his Christian ideals in the metal world. At the end of the month, French-speaking people will be able to read his second book, “Stronger: Forty Days of Metal and Spirituality”, a collection of his favorite verses and the personal thoughts that go with them.

In the leather-smelling Gibson bus, Head is waiting to answer questions regarding his faith, his beliefs and his dogma. What are his thoughts on extreme metal bands? What is his position nowadays in the rock business? What do some of his tattoos mean? As you’ll see for yourself, the man doesn’t so much turn the other cheek as offer to hug the entire world.

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Oomph!: music for your body and soul

Dero - Oomph!You’d think that after twenty-five years, an artist’s creativity and sincerity would be a bit worn out by success and routine. We talked to singer Dero on the occasion of the release of Oomph!’s new album, the aptly-named XXV. To him, the band is all about permanent sincerity and soul-searching – more so than ever on this album, which seems to have been an outlet for Dero and made the band question their music, especially after the unidentified musical object that was Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute. Whether he’s expressing his emotions or just looking at the world, Dero strives to be as precise and subtle as possible, avoiding clear-cut opinions and Manichean analyses. When he talks about his life, he doesn’t leave anything out.

Oomph! have been around for twenty-five years now. During this time, the band built a rich and deeply varied discography, full of surprises and reinventions. And yet it was an offspring of theirs, Rammstein, that eventually appealed to a larger audience. As Rammstein’s historic influence, the comparison between the two projects was inevitable. And yet Dero describes two different approaches and states of mind, and his praise has a hint of sarcasm is it…

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Max Cavalera, archangel of metal

Soulfly 2015A little Soufly here, some Killer Be Killed there, a bit of Cavalera Conspiracy, and back to Soulfly – you just can’t stop Max Cavalera. Apparently, the man and his buddies are already planning a second Killer Be Killed record next year, and even some new Cavalera Conspiracy material. Cavalera is insatiable, but that doesn’t mean Archangel, Soulfly’s tenth album, shouldn’t be taken seriously. After all, it was Soulfly that helped him get back to his feet in 1998, after his painful departure from Sepultura.

As he explains in the following interview, he had a hard time and put a lot of pressure on himself. This new album had to be memorable, so naturally he picked the main themes from the Bible, added a certain celebration of metal to the whole thing, and engaged the services of producer Matt Hyde, who tackled the project most effectively.

Max Cavalera tells us all about Archangel, its conception, its themes, and its state of mind, as well as the importance of Soulfly in his life, since the band allows him all the freedom in the world and, according to him, « pushes back the limits of metal ».

Read the interview…

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