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Stone Sour: sovereign in their enclosure

You don’t need to be a physicist to imagine that a too high density of metal concentrated and compressed in a too tight, closed space will necessarily end up exploding. Let’s say it’s some kind of poetic physics. Anyway, that’s what can be felt watching Stone Sour’s new music video for their song “Gone Sovereign” from the band’s new album, House Of Gold And Bones Part 1, out the 22th of October. In this video, you can see these musicians (including the bearded new bass player Johny Chow) packed tightly together in this red pen that can only collapse under the heavy assault from Corey Taylor – who’s reminding us that he’s actually hiding hair under his trademark mask or beret – and his bandmates. And when the band is finally set free, the explosion happens on stage, in the middle of the fans, who will hopefully be able to witness it live during the band’s next tour that will start in Paris the 25th of November and that will take them from Japan to Sweden during the upcoming months. And maybe you will end up as dumbfounded as the character at the end of the video…

Video that Radio Metal and Roadrunner Records are proud to present you as a preview.

Watch here.

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In Strict Confidence deserves a broader exposure

Radio Metal and Golden Core Records recommend you to discover the track “Silver Tongues” from In Strict Confidence forthcoming record untitled Utopia, out the 21th of September on Golden Core Records/Zyx Music. One of the most prestigious bands of German dark wave-electro, having set some of the scenes new standards, In Strict Confidence intends with this new record to redefine both its own history and its scene.

Just like most of electronic musics, dark wave is a very rich genre. At the Amphi Fest 2011, In Strict Confidence did a somehow disappointing performance, but their sophisticated, very much appreciated on records melodies were still infectious. The song “Silver Tongues” is a good example of that: it has the potential to please the metal listeners, who usually likes female voices. As we can hear on this track, In Strict Confidence’s compositions indeed like to display vocal duets (male voice/female voice) and operatic singing. This should please fans of bands such as Lacuna Coil or Nightwish even if of course, In Strict Confidence remains in a very different, way more synthetic world.

With the very good « Morpheus » that opens the record, In Strict Confidence already had a track from Utopia online, and this “Silver Tongues” is one of the best song from the album too.

Good listening.

[audio:In Strict Confidence – Siver Tongues.mp3|titles=In Strict Confidence – Silver Tongues]

In Strict Confidence’s official website : instrictconfidence.com

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Radio Metal and Roadrunner Records offer you the exclusive opportunity to discover Lamb Of God’s video for the song “Ghost Walking”. The song is an extract from Resolution, their punchy, efficient new album, which even features some inspired innovations, like the record’s sludgy intro or the final track: following a suggestion from their management, the band plays with an orchestra, for a truly fantastic result.

For “Ghost Walking”, Lamb Of God offers a video in the shape of a manga-style, futuristic cartoon.

We hope to see a lot of reactions in the comments, since, as we learned recently, Randy Blythe loves to read comments (especially the most aggressive kind) on the Web regarding his work. Resolution will be out on January 23rd.

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Exclusive live show: Front Line Assembly offered vibes that you can share again and again

Last sunday, Radio Metal was privileged to broadcast in its entirety the show given by Front Line Assembly at Lyons’ Marché Gare on Wednesday, September 14th. After Porn played as opening act, Front Line Assembly deliver a set of almost 90 minutes, where the powerful guitars were in perfect osmosis with the always perfectly mastered industrial and sometimes tribal rhythmic. It’s as if Front Line Assembly’s compositions, like many other electro-indus artists, take on even more depth live, whether in giant dancefloor pits or in more intimate venues.

In any case, it’s obvious that the two French shows of the Canadian band didn’t attract a massive audience. In part because of this completely undeserved assessment for such a talented artist and pioneer, we are particularly happy to have been able to share this moment with you on our air. As a result, we’ve decided to repeat the experience right now and to put the entire show up for listening on the website.

Front Line Assembly live is a vibe that one wants to share again and again, and we hope you’ll fall for their lively, catchy songs. If you like Deathstars, Rammstein and all these bands who like to mix metal and electronic sonorities, then this exclusive offer (made available through Thibault Bernard’s work) is definitely for you, if only for the first notes of “Angriff” or for a song like “Shifting Through The Lens”.

Listen to the live recording…

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Front Line Assembly live at Lyon’s Marché Gare: aired in its entirety sunday

You should be aware that Radio Metal is planning to air more and more concerts. Hell, we’re a radio station after all, so we might as well take pleasure in it! With that thought in mind, why not share with you Front Line Assembly’s recent show in Lyon at the Marché Gare on Wednesday September 14th? We aren’t going to keep such a storm of beats in our archives, are we?!

Organised by local promoter “My Reference Events”, the four-piece’s show had the same remarkable intensity as the one they had given the previous day in Strasbourg. By the way, the club-like vibe has its part in the warm result of this one hour and a half recording that you can listen to on air on Sunday September 25th at 8 PM (GMT + 1).

Yes: a electro-industrial metal show given in front of a 150 people audience doesn’t feel cold, and this show in Lyon clearly proves that fact! Let’s also add the symbolic nature of that particular concert, since it was Front Line Assembly’s last show of the European tour, since the band was taking their plane the next morning.

Formed in 1986, Front Line Assembly is a cult band in the electro-industrial scene. Last year, these Canadians released their thirteenth studio album, Improvised Electronic Device, featuring Ministry’s Al Jourgensen on the song “Stupidity”: additional proof that metal’s great minds think alike! Front Line Assembly and Al Jourgensen always had a close relationship and worked with the same people such as Michael Balch or with the legendary label Wax Trax! Records.

So have a nice week-end and get ready to move your body on Sunday at 8 PM thanks to ‘Front Line Assembly: Live At Lyon’. This show was recorded exclusively for Radio Metal by our talented sound engineer, Thibault Bernard.

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Exclusive preview : Karelia is rock n’roll

“We put everything in this album. If it doesn’t sell, it finally won’t matter that much. We gave everything.” The words of Matthieu Kleiber, singer from Karelia, speak for themselves: the band has been fully involved in the making of their new record, Golden Decadence, that will be out the 26th of August. As a lot of you know – and for good reason! – Karelia and Radio Metal have been linked for years. But it will not prevent us, because it is our duty, to say what we think about that record, even if we appreciate the artist both personally and musically.

But the thing is that this Golden Decadence is a good album with a meticulous production, so we won’t shoot it down into flames just for fun, right? There are more singles in this record than in the previous ones, in which there were only one or two. Golden Decadence feels also more light-hearted than its predecessors. More rock n’roll, in short, so it’s not surprising to find that Rudolf Schenker, guitar player from Scorpions, took part in its recording. A great variety regarding the compos is also to mention, reminding of Korn in some tracks, or Samael for the electro parts.

Golden Decadence doesn’t fall into only one style of metal, therefore it’s quite difficult to label, and here is the only thing you can hold against them: sometimes, the band can’t manage to differentiate itself from its influences. But apart from that, Karelia managed to take risks, go forward, and innovate musically without losing any of the electro elements that make its identity. Regarding the parodic track “My TV Sucks”, we’d need to write pages to tell you what it’s about, so we won’t tell you anything about it so you can discover it yourself, directly in your speaker.

For now, Radio Metal allow you to listen to the song “War Party” just below as an exclusive sneak preview. Karelia had us waiting for too long for this Golden Decadence, but we assure you: it was worth it.

Here’s the proof:

[audio:karelia-war_party.mp3|titles=Karelia – War Party.mp3]

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Exclusive preview: Recueil Morbide are as brutal as ever

This fine Assumption day, which celebrates the Virgin Mary, is probably the best moment ever to ascend the arid hills of brutal death metal together. And yet, the song Recueil Morbide offer us today, as an exclusive preview if you please, is called “Alone”. Paradoxical, wouldn’t you say? But let’s cut the digression right here. The French band, signed on Great Dane Records, will soon release Only Hate Left, their fourth album, which you will be able to get your little hands on in the first half of September.

Founded in 2000, Recueil Morbide won us over thanks to their good riffs. For this very reason, we decided to share this little preview. And sharing the entire album with you guys in the upcoming weeks is not entirely out of the question. But for this to happen, you’ll have to express your joy at listening to Recueil Morbide on Radio Metal!

Enjoy this song and don’t hesitate to show support for the band on their Facebook page, so they can pass the current 313-fans mark. And do it quickly, ‘cause we want their page to reach 1,000 fans within the next five minutes! Thanks for them…

[audio:recueil_morbide-alone.mp3|titles=Recueil Morbide – Alone.mp3]

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Sneak-Preview: Opeth takes you to their orchard to taste the fruit of their passion

« The music is all over the place. » declared Opeth’s frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt a few weeks ago, as he tried to describe Heritage, the band’s new album. And when at the mention of Morbid Angel’s last and controversial album « Illud Divinum Isanus » he confesses that he respects « bands that do things differently », he also seems to be promoting his own cause. In an interview recently granted to our Canadian colleagues Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, he goes into detail. He mentions a title, ‘Slither’, a sort of tribute to Ronnie James Dio and declares that the album swings between folk, progressive rock and jazz, while being influenced by Pink Floyd and Fusion music like Herbie Hancock or Weather Report. He also adds that the ex-drummer/percussionist from Weather Report Alex Acuña appears as a guest, as well as a « Swedish fusion flutist who plays a flute solo to a doomy riff ». And there is the cover artwork, wonderful and surprising. For sure, Heritage will be different. Not that Opeth was until now resting on their laurels, but the band seems to have crossed new frontiers and used more licence in their creativity. All for the better! That is what makes the difference between average artists and great artists. There is no risk in art, only boldness.

We could speculate for hours on the nature of Heritage, but only the music will answer our curiosity and quench the music lover’s thirst. In collaboration with Roadrunner, we give you the opportunity to listen to the very first extract of this event-album, which will be released on the 20th of September. Named ‘The Devil’s Orchard’, the song surprises us with its jazzy rhythms and guitars, and bewitches us with its singular atmosphere. But even if that song confirms the above-mentioned declarations and that Åkerfeldt only sings in a clear voice, one can still recognize the hand of the Swedish band. A good omen for the coming album.

You can judge for yourself:

[audio:opeth-the_devils_orchard.mp3|titles=Opeth – The Devils Orchard.mp3]

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Ghost Brigade preview: face your fears and listen to the ghosts sing

After only two albums, Ghost Brigade managed to impose themselves as a band to be followed very, very closely. Their first effort, Guided By Fire, had already created a surprise thanks to a maturity that some bands don’t even reach after three albums. Then came the magnificent Isolation Songs in 2009, with which the Finns managed to perfect, refine and sublimate their melodic, melancholic death metal, sprinkled with post-metal flavors. The sextet also brought their universe to the stage and proved that their exacerbated sensitivity was all too real.

In many ways, Ghost Brigade is the very embodiment of what we can call Season Of Mist’s intuition: the label enlisted the band for their very first album, after realizing they had a big potential, like the biggest part of their catalogue. And this potential lived up to the expectations. The band’s third album, Until Fear No Longer Defines Us, will be released in a few weeks (August 19th, to be precise), and obviously raises a few questions: will the band simply capitalize on the artistic success of their second album, or will they be bold enough to evolve further?

The first song unveiled, “Clawmaster”, made the scales tip towards the first answer, since it could totally have fit on Isolation Songs. But in order to make a more educated judgment, we offer you, in association with Season Of Mist, an extra track from this new album, called “Cult Of Decay”.


[audio:ghost_brigade-cult_of_decay.mp3|titles=Ghost Brigade – Cult Of Decay]

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Preview: Fair To Midland hits the target

Fair To Midland bewitched more than one listener with their Fables From A Mayfly, released four years ago already. Among these listeners was a certain Serj Tankian (System Of A Down’s Mister Quality), on whose label, Serjical Strike, the record was released. Small wonder, since the Texan band displayed a rare personality and heaps of talent, with original alternative rock songs combining big riffs and irresistible popish melodies.

Fair To Midland make their big comeback this very week with a much-expected new album – especially since a good half of the songs from Fables From A Mayfly were simple re-recordings of inter.funda.stifle, their more confidential 2004 album. Suffice it to say that the fans who’ve been following them from the beginning hungered for new material. Let them be reassured: with Arrows & Anchors, the band kept their promises.

This new album confirms Fair To Midland’s talent and offers irresistible riffs and first-class melodies, as well as the band dazzling personality. Did we say confirm? It does more than that: with this album, the band make a step forward. The music gains new influences, an extra touch of madness, even (“Rikki Tikki Tavi” cannot but be reminiscent of Serk Tankian’s influence), and gets a little harder, which produces bigger contrasts. In this respect, vocalist Darroh Sudderth doesn’t hesitate to call this album “the heaviest non-metal album you will hear this year”. The same Darroh also happens to be the biggest surprise on this album and reveals an impressive vocal variety – going as far as doing grating vocals on the monstrously good single “Musical Chairs”.

Salivating already, are you? Or at least a little piqued? Don’t say another word! In association with the label Season Of Mist, Radio Metal gives you the opportunity to discover Arrows & Anchors in its entirety.

It’s happening here…

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