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Slash, the man with the hat…

Recently, in an interview for an American magazine to promote his latest album, Slash once again managed to divulge some honest truths about his relationship with Axl Rose by answering “Axl Rose hates me” when asked if he believed that he would ever make peace with the Guns N’Roses singer. ”So this makes it difficult. But if we walked past each other and all of the animosity shared between us was left behind, I am certain that we could have an exciting conversation.”

Slash also gave his opinion of Chinese Democracy, Guns N’Roses’ latest album released in 2008. Unlike what we might have expected, Slash highlights Axl Rose’s talent. ”It’s a perfect Axl album. It is exactly the type of album I was expecting him to produce, according to the kind of music that we made during our later years together. The album is very heavy, dark and depressing. But it’s one hell of a record.”

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Bruce Dickinson :  » Planet Earth, Maiden Force 1 calling « 

Frankly, one wonders if there are really only 24h in Bruce Dickinson’s standard days. Aside his role of frontman for Iron Maiden(which will release its 15th album this summer) and his solo career which he leads under his own name , Bruce still finds time to fill his free time with a variety of activities. It has to be said: this great singer is not only successful in the music industry. The Iron Maiden vocalist’s hobbies are extremely varied, and in the last few years, he never hesitated to share them with his public.

Dickinson has for instance a great interest for literature. He demonstrated his writing talent in a book called Lord Iffy Boatrace, which was successful enough for the publisher to ask for a follow-up. The Television and Cinema worlds are also familiar with the great singer, who wrote the scenario for the fantasy movie Chemical Wedding, and who made several appearances in the BBC TV-series The Paradise Club.

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Do not read this article !

It’s always wise to be wary of pre-listening exclusive events. The excitement of hearing something new and the intrinsic rarity of having access to an object that is not yet available, can often create falsify your emotions and make you idealise the moment more than necessary.

This is especially the case with an album as dense as Avantasia’s new album. For this latest release, Tobias Sammet didn’t want to have any regrets and he gave it his all. As he admitted in the interview taking place afterwards, this album represents the greatest accomplishment of his life, despite appearing somewhat sad and happy at the fact of turning a new page, yet slightly worried about not knowing what to do next. Wicked Symphony/Angel Of Babylon is like a festival, compiling all musical aspects of the saga for the past 10 years. If you don’t want to ruin the surprise, do not click on this link (Spoiler inside).

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Mike « pipi-caca » Patton on tour ?

Now that’s an interesting question. Faith No More will be at Sonisphere of Madrid[/urlb] on the 9th and 10th of July and we will of course be there too to see the San Franciscan band because seeing them on stage is always an out of this world experience. And needless to say, that we will also be there for the unique performance of their singer Mike Patton. If you are a faithful Radio Metal listener/reader, you will know that many members of the RM team are fans of the front man. He is an exceptional singer in Faith No More, crazed loon in Mr Bungle and king of experimental music in Fantomas; in other words, Mike Patton has proved his musical talents in many branches. However, today we find ourselves pondering on one question:

Why is Mike Patton into so much pipi-caca stuff ?

Bad memories from childhood ? An uncurable taste for provocation ? An exhibitionist side ? Many questions to which there are probably many answers.

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Scorpions: the last hour?

Like our friend Francis Zegut often puts it in his blog:

« The wind is blowing strong right now… »

And it’s true that right now, we at Radio Metal tend to think that something really important is going on with Scorpions.

Sunday, January 24th 2010, 1pm, update:

The official statement has just appeared on the band’s website…

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5 minutes…

That is the time it took for all of the available Metallica concert tickets in Lyon on the 23rd of May 2010 to be sold.

They started selling the at 10 am today for all of the “refresh” freaks who were on the Fnac website since 9.30am. At 10.05am, the following message appeared on www.fnac.com :

« Metallica in Lyon : there are no more tickets available on the internet”.

At 10.13am, the Virgin and Ticketnet websites showed the following message for all those trying to get reservations: “expected waiting time to access this page: 12 minutes”. At the end of this delay, the user was then directed towards the reservation page only to find out that it was sold out.

The time when we used to set our alarm clocks to be at the ticket selling shop before the sun had come up is long gone…

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