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On tour with Annihilator : it’s gonna thrash !

Our story begins in Switzerland, in Pratteln near Basel, on the 1st of November behind the Z7 venue. The zone is industrial… metal! There is already a fan who has spotted the red bus and the cover of their latest album is carefully placed on the top of a cardboard box, waiting to be signed. His collection is almost complete. Annihilator have already achieved over half of their European tour as the headliners in 2010 and everything seems to be going well for them.

In the words of Jeff Waters, promotion in local areas is not very important. There was a time when labels used to hire companies from each country to ensure such promotion. In Ottawa, where band’s main man lives, you can just open up a newspaper a day or two before the artist’s concert and there is an article on the person. In 2010, Jeff Waters admitted that this was the first time that he was on tour with such a small amount of local promotion for the band. And yet, to his great surprise, the shows were all fully packed. The internet has replaced usual music promotion, people share information via social networking sites and the band’s management saw an opening.

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On tour with the Scorpions

Inspired by a certain slogan of a certain brand, Radio Metal took the road last May to carry out a 2-in-1 report. Because squatting the backstage together with Karelia also allowed yours truly (and his pretentiousness) to follow the Scorpions

Features: backstage anecdotes, private parties as well as strange revelations on Rudolf Schenker’s eating habits.

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A day with Opeth

Paris is a country. At the time of the debate on national identity, the Parisians do not claim to be French but Parisian. I arrive at the Bataclan around 12.00pm. The sky is grey, the weather is dull and there are a dozen of people waiting outside the entrance doors. Most of these people are Parisian yet some of them come from Picardie, Lille and Nancy; some are even from Greece and Spain.

From the outside, the Bataclan venue seems drab and limited. However, once I enter the venue at 3.30pm, I realise that behind this small entrance lies a great theatrical room with bleachers all around it and red velvet cinema chairs. The room is being prepared as I mingle around to get a feel of the working atmosphere here. I see a few people here and there on ladders and pushing boxes around. Others seem more confused as to where to go and what to do. In the meantime, the band comes of stage for their ‘pre-sound check’ before the official sound check. Each member is concentrating on their instrument and plays a few notes.

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Far from a punishment

Spending the whole day with the members of Punish Yourself is far from a punishment. Furthermore, on this Saturday 5th of May, the weather is pleasant and even quite hot in Lyon today. For those of you who (still) don’t know Punish Yourself; they are the leading “electronic rock ‘n‘ roll” band in France.

Their music is very similar to industrial metal even though the band from Toulouse have managed to evolve towards different sounds, such as batcave (Gore Baby Gore) and instrumental (Cult Movie). Moreover, Punish Yourself was headlining the Lyon Metal Fest V of which you will be able to read the live report in the next few days on Radio Metal website.

But before that, enter the Punish Yourself universe for a day…

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In the heart of Samael’s galaxy

Samael has just finished a 5 show tour as opening band for Arch Enemy in France and Luxembourg. A good occasion to meet the Swiss band, on the road for the promo tour of their new album “Above”, in stores since last year.   

Radio Metal was invited into the intimacy of the tour, to reveal the backstage atmoshpere, the personality of Samael, and to give you important information on their next album.  

This is an exclusive tour report of the Lyon and Strasbourg shows on March 30th and 31st.

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No guys, we’re not talking about their definitive end; we are talking about the end of their tour as headlining act throughout a bunch of European countries.

It has to be said that Delain’s relationship with France is something really special. For their last concert, Charlotte, Ronald and the others unloaded their suitcases (and instruments) once again for a sold out concert in Paris at the Elysée Montmartre.

« How the hell did they manage that ?! », you ask yourself ? Read on and see.

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On tour with Delain (6th & 7th October 2009)

The « April Rain 2009 » tour will stay in the minds of Delain’s band members and their fans for a while. For this first tour as a supporting act for the Dutch, the risk of cancellations was often looming over many gigs because of Charlotte Wessels’ vocals issues.
The tour had a certain charm as a result of these uncertainties, combined with the band’s honesty and unpretentious playing.
Radio Metal had the opportunity to follow the band on a few of their French dates.

For your eyes only, here is the tour report for the concerts in Lyon and in Strasbourg !

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers @ Lyon
    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Lyon
    Kiss @ Lyon
    Skid Row @ Lyon
    Hollywood Vampires @ Paris
    Depeche Mode @ Lyon
    Scorpions @ Lyon
    Thundermother @ Lyon
    Ghost @ Lyon
    Spiritbox @ Lyon
    Metallica @ Saint-Denis
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