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Steel Panther’s press conference: what did you expect?

Even if we knew what to expect from a Steel Panther press conference – a parodic moment with a lot of nasty jokes – the result exceeded our hopes. Steel Panther isn’t a simple rock band made of prankster musicians. Steel Panther, especially Lexxi Foxx who spend his time fixing his make-up, embodies their character without stepping out of their role for a second.

The music missing is the only thing that makes their press conferences different of their live shows. The joke fest is here, and it starts as soon as they made it in the press area, after a preliminary introduction by singer Michael Starr: “I think we should start this press conference by saying: ‘Montrez-moi vos nichons !’ [‘Show me your tits!’ ] And also: ‘Je bande !’ [‘I’m hard!’]”.

Before letting anyone say anything, the bandmembers started to monopolize the microphones interviewing each other and parodying our profession that, let’s be honest, totally deserves it.

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We’re not done hearing about Megadeth

The last few years, we never really stopped talking about Megadeth, and for good reasons: first Dave Ellefson’s comme back, then the Big Four concerts, the Rust In Peace anniversary tour, and finally the new album, TH1RT3EN. Megadeth is still very busy: even if the new record has been out for a year, there was still plently of topics left to talk about at the band’s last press conference at the Hellfest 2012.

The first one was the great probability to see something special to celebrate the 20 years of one of the band’s greatest success, Countdown To Extinction. Megadeth played Rust In Peace in its entirety, so why not Countdown To Extinction? Dave Mustaine, without giving any details, talked about some kind of celebration: “It is the 20th anniversary of Coutdown and we are preparing something for this. We’re starting out, we’re gonna do an anniversary trip around the world with festivals and so on.” And there’s more; Megadeth is working on what’s coming next: “We’re getting ready to do an other record and we’ll be back in the studio writing and recording stuff soon.”

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Slash: more than a conspirator, a gatherer

Among all the legendary rock guitarists, Jimi Hendrix is still the most productive of all the dead ones so far, Jimmy Page the less productive of all the living and as to Richie Blackmore, he’s been lost somewhere in the Middle Age. Slash, the famous top hat guitarist (whose real name is Saul Hudson), is one of those who are still in the spotlight. He’s never been away from the rock scene, be it in Guns’n’Roses, of course, Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver or today with his own successful band. There has been some ups and downs, of course, as Slash himself stresses it during his Hellfest press conference, and especially between the 1993-1996 period, after which he left the band to explore other musical horizons. But Slash says that “This is a pretty good time right now, this is good”. He goes on : “I can’t say there’s any one single highlight in my career, but right at this moment, it’s a particularly high point.”.

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Judas Priest: five more years of music and press conferences?

Actually, the opportunity presented itself. Since we were at Colmar last Sunday for the Foire aux Vins festival, and Judas Priest held a press conference before their show, we took our Smartphones and started filming. Obviously, the sound isn’t great, so we transcribed the whole 11 minutes of the bands conference – well… more of Rob Halford (vocals) and Glenn Tipton (guitars) who speak a lot more than the others.

Usually in a press conference, the media gets a whole bunch of clichés and commonplaces from the artists and don’t have much to work with in the end. In this particular case, it’s worth noting that Glenn Tipton claims (with a smile, but still…) to want to keep on making music with Judas Priest for five years. The band does seem to be pretty far from bringing a final halt to its career. Consequently, since this press conference given during the Epitaph Tour is worth it, we’ve decided to share it with you in both video and written format.

Watch and read the press conference.

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Alice Cooper talks about his nightmare…

A few hours before he put the entire Hellfest at his feet, Alice was kind enough to organize a small press conference. Radio Metal and its armada of snoopers could not possibly miss such a good opportunity to glean a few pieces of information and sent an emissary to join a handful of colleagues. The game, however, was not easily won: as Olivier Garnier, promotion manager, told us, Alice Cooper didn’t want this press conference to take place during the Twisted Sister show. Why, you ask? Because he wanted the journalists to go and see Dee Snider’s gang rock the stage rather than listen to his own ramblings. Alice confesses his great respect and friendship with Twisted Sister, and particularly with their frontman.

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« This coming Monday 31st of August 2009, the four members of Slayer will be in Paris for a press conference. We’ll also let you have a sneak preview of World Painted Blood, the band’s latest album expected on the 26th of october 2009. »
When you get a message like this one, it’s hard to resist. A train ticket, a pen, a notebook and here we go for a special report on Slayer.

Because you’re worth it, dear reader!

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