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Philippe Bouvard: « Whenever I interview someone, what I want to do is make them say what they had not planned to ».

Well, one can say that this interview of Tarja has drawn everyone’s attention. This was not due to the mere content of it, more to the first four lines which Metal’O Phil wrote. The four lines in which he criticized the bypassed way that the Finnish diva answered his questions. Nothing mean really as will say those who can keep distant enough from the matter. Yet, the actual reactions which resulted from that were the consecutive invasions of neurotic fans and angry Finnish people on the Radio Metal website. This was probably a consequence of the article published on the information website called iltalehti.fi-which is obviously popular in Santa’s homeplace- about our interview. In the first place, we’d sincerely like to thank italehti.fi for writing about Radio Metal’s work. We already knew that some Brasilian information websites were interested in our columns and even went so far as to translate fragments of our interviews or even whole ones, but now we know that Radio Metal also has a significant impact on Finland. Here is the evidence that our tone – which is sometimes quite sharp – doesn’t leave our readers insensitive and our work is getting recognized far across the French borders.

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