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Exclusive new song premiere: Arkan with “Inner Slaves”

Salam, Paris-based band Arkan’s second album, is to be released on April the 18th. Founded in 2005 by drummer Foued Moukid (ex-The Old Dead Tree), the band mixes middle-eastern sounds with feminine vocals and growls. While Foued’s band always offers elaborate and inventive songs, Salam also features special guest Kobi Farhi, vocalist in Orphaned Land.

Arkan is about to hit the road to promote Salam, and the first gathering is scheduled for May the 14th at Casablanca (Morocco), but before you get to see the band on stage, take a moment to listen to the song “Inner Slaves”, second song off Salam to be shown.


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  • Iraqi Metal Girl dit :

    سلالالام من العراق
    Rock on guys.. looks you are doing a great job. Waiting for your upcoming album. Good Luck \m/


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