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Exclusive: Radio Metal offers you a preview of Samael’s Antigod

You know what’s cool about Radio Metal? Many things – right, I know. But among those things, there’s the possibility to discover new, important releases in the metal world as well as stuff we like every day on our playlist. Just like any other radio out there – except that you’re treated to the new Dimmu Borgir and Ozzy Osbourne albums, instead of suffering brand new mainstream hits all day long. Isn’t life great?

This is why, from November 1st on, you’ll have the opportunity to discover “Antigod”, Samael’s new single and title track of the band’s new EP, on our air, in partnership with Nuclear Blast. This new record will be released on November 19th and will be a taste of the Swiss band’s upcoming album, to be released next year. But Vorph will tell you all about that in an interview published a few days ago in this very website.

So if you don’t want to miss the new Samael, stay tuned to Radio Metal and enjoy “Antigod” here!

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  • Ziemlich geiles Teil hoffentlich sin alle songs auf dem album so weiter so Samael


  • So you think I’ll listen to your stupid bullshit radio in hope to catch the Samael song after hours of stupid ass shit bands? Yeah, right. Most stupid “promo” idea ever.


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