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Sneak-Preview: Opeth takes you to their orchard to taste the fruit of their passion

“The music is all over the place.” declared Opeth’s frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt a few weeks ago, as he tried to describe Heritage, the band’s new album. And when at the mention of Morbid Angel’s last and controversial album “Illud Divinum Isanus” he confesses that he respects “bands that do things differently”, he also seems to be promoting his own cause. In an interview recently granted to our Canadian colleagues Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, he goes into detail. He mentions a title, ‘Slither’, a sort of tribute to Ronnie James Dio and declares that the album swings between folk, progressive rock and jazz, while being influenced by Pink Floyd and Fusion music like Herbie Hancock or Weather Report. He also adds that the ex-drummer/percussionist from Weather Report Alex Acuña appears as a guest, as well as a “Swedish fusion flutist who plays a flute solo to a doomy riff”. And there is the cover artwork, wonderful and surprising. For sure, Heritage will be different. Not that Opeth was until now resting on their laurels, but the band seems to have crossed new frontiers and used more licence in their creativity. All for the better! That is what makes the difference between average artists and great artists. There is no risk in art, only boldness.

We could speculate for hours on the nature of Heritage, but only the music will answer our curiosity and quench the music lover’s thirst. In collaboration with Roadrunner, we give you the opportunity to listen to the very first extract of this event-album, which will be released on the 20th of September. Named ‘The Devil’s Orchard’, the song surprises us with its jazzy rhythms and guitars, and bewitches us with its singular atmosphere. But even if that song confirms the above-mentioned declarations and that Åkerfeldt only sings in a clear voice, one can still recognize the hand of the Swedish band. A good omen for the coming album.

You can judge for yourself:

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