Therion against the tide

Christofer Johnsson admits it willingly: Therion’s musical style is no longer fashionable. It could make him bitter, but it only serves to stir up his sense of challenge. One could almost wonder if he doesn’t like this situation better than that of a band with nothing to prove.

Therion remains an important, credible and respected figure of symphonic metal, but that’s not enough. Johnsson wants Therion to remain on everybody’s lips. In order to do that, rather than flooding the Web with content, he wants to take the time to do even crazier things. This is not just about creating buzz, but rather to use overreacting Netsurfers the right way. Johnsson the tease seems to find it funny to challenge them a little.

On the menu, you’ll find updated French chansons that we French people have had the time to get bored with, despite their quality, and a rather ambitious rock opera, which aims at reaching people who don’t even know Therion exists: the mainstream audience.

Johnsson also talks about his decision to release the band’s latest album without a label and insists that said decision doesn’t mar his relationship with them. During this dense, over-45-minute-long interview, he also broaches the subject of alcohol, banned on tour except for the odd exception, so he can do his “dream job” to the best of his abilities.

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Thin Lizzy: Richard Fortus and Marco Mendoza tell us about healthy carbs and drugs

A can of « McDonald » apple juice on my table at the Mont-Royal Park! What a great start right?

How could you not feel offended by this invasion of our everyday lives by the food industry? It’s nearly impossible to find sane food, without pesticides, without antibiotics, without chemicals. A battle that we should tackle everyday to provide our body with healthy carbs.

« It’s hard to find a good carb » as wisely said by Richard Fortus, Thin Lizzy’s guitarist, in this interview. It’s almost easier to find drugs and become an addict, as we all are, of (bad) sugar that we were raised with. Marco Mendoza (bass) strips himself bare. He explains his daily efforts to stay away from drugs, even after being clean for 24 years! I thank him for his honesty.

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Alexi Laiho : a skateboard’s child

On the occasion of the release of the new Children of Bodom’s opus, Relentless Reckless Forever,  we spoke with the symbolic leader Alexi Laiho. Obviously tired, his answers were short and simple. It’s a fact, whatever you could think about the Finn’s music, Children Of Bodom has neither a story nor a speech propitious for debate or for a detailed thinking.

Nevertheless, it did not prevent Alexi from being nice and taking things well. After having talking about the band relationship with the producer  Matt Hyde, that he thanks for having been « kicking his ass  24 hours a day », and, more generally, about the release of the album and the music video, he tells us some anecdotes concerning his relation with alcohol (which is apparently more dangerous than skateboarding!) and  the now traditional choice of an unusual cover for every new album.

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Kirk Windstein : “We are what we are”

A few weeks ago, Metal Sucks published « 15 things you didn’t know about Kirk Windstein » written by Kirk himself. We are about to learn a 16th fact about him. After interviewing him (at different times throughout the day to avoid scientific exhaustion), studying him and performing a series of brain numbing calculations, we have come to the following conclusion: Kirk Windstein is constantly awake. Whatever time it is, he is out of bed and constantly yawning (proof on video).

It’s clear to say that Kirk is always his natural self. This explains his self-assured comments on the raw quality of Down’s latest live album: “It wouldn’t have been right to re-master it”. The fact that he is so rigorously spontaneous, to the extent that they never considered re-touching Phil Anselmo’s mediocre vocals on this album, is respectful proof honesty. This comment isn’t even out outweighed by a statement such as “we are what we are”, using the same freedom of speech he chose to employ whilst describing his relationship with alcohol and recent sobriety.

Kirk also admits having fully exploited Down’s commercial potential in order to, I quote, “pay the bills” and by placing Crowbar on standby to achieve this. This absence, which provoked such a following, explains the excitement surrounding the release of their excellent latest album Sever The Wicked Hand. A new page has been turned and the guitarist predicts a busy future for his three bands Down, Crowbar and Kingdom Of Sorrow.

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