1349 and the cauldron of magic potion

The musicians from 1349 (a year that went down in History because of the Black Plague pandemic) are way more refined and perfectionist than their brutal, uncompromising black metal would lead you to think. But although they did play hardball in the early years of their career, they have lately demonstrated a certain interest for experimentation. Even if their latest album, Massive Cauldron Of Chaos, released last year, goes back to aggressive, straightforward, concise music, there are still a few melodic surprises here and there that give a special luster to this black metal opus. It’s quite obvious the band worked long and hard on it to reach “maximum quality”, as guitarist Archaon likes to point out in the following interview.

But 1349’s refinement doesn’t stop at metal; they also apply it to beer, the kind you drink for pleasure, like a good wine, not in order to get wasted. The guitarist also talks about this passion and about the 1349 beer, created in part by the musicians themselves.

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