Kottak Attack !

In life as in behind his kit, James Kottak is always terribly restless. This child-like man looks around, ruffles his hair regularly and goas as far as searching my bag in the middle of the interview! He’s by far the one you’re most likely to meet during a show: he walks around, watches the roadies build the stage and meets his fans with great pleasure. By the way, you’ll soon be able to read the story of Scorpions’ French tour from the inside. And you’ll get enough gossip for a lifetime!

From a musical point of view, the man is just as hyperactive. To quote the Nazis running after the Blues Brothers: « his file is two-mile long ». Just a recent example: barely two months after Scorpions released Sting In The Tail, his band Kottak released Rock N Roll Forever, a very youthful punk rock album. Kottak sings and plays guitar, leaving the drums to his wife Athena, none other than Tommy Lee’s sister. Why? Because, as he puts it: « I look good when I play guitar! »

Just like some people think (wrongly, if you ask me) that Scorpions’ split is nothing but a marketing move, you may find the sincerity of his answers doubtful. You may also find the drummer’s enthusiasm a little too politically correct. But it’s obvious that James Kottak loves what he does. This eternal teenager seems completely free, free to fulfill his every wish, free to yield to his whims and desires – in short, free to be himself without answering to anyone about it. That makes him a much-envied man.

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