Attila Csihar (Mayhem): 30 years of black metal consciousness

Some people won’t conform to the clichés you have in mind for them. Vocalist Attila Csihar from Mayhem – a band that has become a black metal reference through its music as well as its history – is one of those people. Although he shares a first name with one of the bloodiest rulers in History, Attila is the kindest, most pleasant person to ever walk the face of Earth. Eat that, prejudice! Like everyone in Mayhem, Attila Csihar is an atypical musician, and that may well be why the band and their music still hold such a fascination. After all, during our first interview, in 2007, he gave an extremely lengthy answer to a very simple, innocent question! Seven years later, the still talkative but more focused singer answer our questions once again.

Seven years – that’s how long it took for the legends of Norwegian black metal to release the follow-up to their controversial Ordo Ad Chao. It’s called Esoteric Warfare, and it’s inspired by the Cold War, esoteric and nuclear experimentations, the role of conscience in quantum physics, and aliens. As we said: atypical. And since the album also marks the band’s thirtieth anniversary, it was a good opportunity to talk about Mayhem’s history and Attila’s vision of the band.

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