Hardcore Superstar dig a tunnel to freedom in their past

Hardcore Superstar 2015

Sometimes it can be a good thing to look back, reflect on your debut, your initial motivations, if only to appreciate the road that has led you so far and remember what makes you tick – something the years might have wiped off your mind. But aside from sheer nostalgia, the past can also contain forgotten gems – and it’s precisely in that past that HCSS, Hardcore Superstar’s new album, finds its source. More precisely, it is the result of a demo tape recorded over 20 years ago by the band that wasn’t Hardcore Superstar yet, which was brought to the attention of bassist Martin Sandvik by a crazy collector fan. This tape, full of youth and enthusiasm, was the cauldron in which the Swedish band brewed their most “free” album since their 2005 self-titled record.

Sandvik talks about the genesis of their tenth album in the following interview, which he gave us a couple of hours before the band’s show at the Ski & Rock in Sälen, Sweden. It was a good opportunity to go back to the pre-Hardcore Superstar era (which three of the current members actually witnessed firsthand) and to understand better the origins of this hard rock band that will allow themselves everything in terms of musical expression. On a side note, the bassist is also the band’s main composer alongside drummer Magnus “Adde” Andreasson, which is highly unusual in a genre mostly led by guitarists and singers.

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