1349 and the cauldron of magic potion

The musicians from 1349 (a year that went down in History because of the Black Plague pandemic) are way more refined and perfectionist than their brutal, uncompromising black metal would lead you to think. But although they did play hardball in the early years of their career, they have lately demonstrated a certain interest for experimentation. Even if their latest album, Massive Cauldron Of Chaos, released last year, goes back to aggressive, straightforward, concise music, there are still a few melodic surprises here and there that give a special luster to this black metal opus. It’s quite obvious the band worked long and hard on it to reach “maximum quality”, as guitarist Archaon likes to point out in the following interview.

But 1349’s refinement doesn’t stop at metal; they also apply it to beer, the kind you drink for pleasure, like a good wine, not in order to get wasted. The guitarist also talks about this passion and about the 1349 beer, created in part by the musicians themselves.

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Tankard : beers are like women

It already seems difficult not to mention the word « beer » when interviewing the guys of Tankard, but when they put out an album called « A girl called cerveza », it is mission impossible. So why not doing it, when such an album pays tribute to the best that life has to offer to a metalhead : beer, thrash metal and women ?

Having said that, it would be a mistake to limit Tankard to its funny side. Therefore, the new album tackles diversified themes, ranging from rumors spread on the Internet to politics, as well as the beauty of lady boys in Thailand.

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Tankard : a band who has cut its eyeteeth

It is hard not to put in the key words list, summing up the main themes dealt with this interview, the word “beer” for a Tankard’s interview. We won’t lie to you saying that we tried not to speak about it because it is not true. This interview with Andreas Geremia, better known as Gerre (vocals), is introduced, punctuated here and there and ended with the theme and some anecdotes dealing with alcohol. And it is so even though the band has things to tell in a more serious field.

However, as the vocalist, who had his famous beer belly amputated, tells us, they asked for it: “those kind of things do not bother us because we are to blame.” It is their raison d’être: Tankard’s confessed purpose playing music is not having groupies (Remember, Gerre has on the opposite known how to keep his starry-eyed side in his vision of seduction far from the traditional industrial groupies sequence.) but having free beer and speaking very unpretentiously with fans from all over the world.

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