Eyehategod: 25 years of survival

They’ve been around for 25 years and they’ve never stopped performing on stage – and yet it took the band 15 years to release a new record. Eyehategod has been through a lot in their career, most recently with the passing of drummer Joey LaCaze due to respiratory problems. But as singer Mike Williams IX tells us in the following interview: “We are survivors”. It is that state of mind that drives the band forward and makes its members indefatigable. It’s also what life has offered, or rather thrown at them through the years (in Williams’s case, the list goes on forever and would have precipitated a less resilient man into complete neurosis) that makes Eyehategod’s music so vicious and so tormented.

The self-titled album is out, so enjoy it, people, because Eyehategod’s offerings are rather scarce. It was a one-of-a-kind opportunity to ask the singer a few questions about the album, the death of their drummer and everything else.

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