The Devil’s Blood: Selim Lemouchi and death

« To be honest, Selim, I must say I have few questions about your music » , said I, exaggerating only slightly, halfway through the interview. Talking to the mastermind behind The Devil’s Blood means talking about much more than just the band’s music and delving into their imagery, their lyrics and their fascination with death.

The members of the band perform on stage drenched in blood. Pig blood, most of the time, but sometimes human. Selim Lemouchi, the band’s guitarist and mastermind, went as far as painting one of the walls of his apartment with his own blood for magic rituals. For this interview, the subject of his fascination with death even led us to talk about his own suicide and the way he would go about it! We’ll let you discover his answer in the interview.

In short, the band represents the very cliché the detractors of metal like to ridicule: « a bunch of blood-covered crazies carrying out morbid rituals ».

However, if the aforementioned people ever happen upon this article, I would only tell them one thing: read the interview. What the extremely humble Selim Lemouchi has to say is essential to destroy this prejudice. These sorts of things are marginal and can be a little scary, but they’re neither futile nor devoid of meaning or interest. And as you will see, Selim is far from crazy. He’s a pleasant, humble sort of fellow (he even envies the listeners who have the opportunity to discover his album for the first time. According to him, his opinion is worth less than that of his audience, since they’re more objective), a smart man with a different vision of life. Different, yes – but still pertinent. To give you an example, we would be hard put trying to contradict him when he wonders whether we really mourn the fate of deceased relatives or friends, or the fact that they abandoned us.

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