Sebastian Bach keeps up his hectic pace

Sebastian Bach keeps releasing albums, and we, the public, always delight in his modern hard sleaze. When you think about it, it’s a bit like doing an interview with the former Skid Row frontman: you know he’s going to be passionate, generous, sometimes a bit over the top, but that’s precisely what defines him. But to be honest, in the following interview, Sebastian Bach seems to want to keep sensational statements to a minimum. He even takes care to not babble too much about people, whether it is his former guitarist, Nick Sterling (whom he fired), or Mötley Crüe (whom he says he auditioned for, which caused one hell of a media stir at the end of the past year). The same goes for social networks, where every single one of his statements, even those made as a joke, ends up as « the biggest headline in every website and every rock thing in the planet ».

Let’s be clear, though: the man still has the gift of the gab, and he never hesitates to talk about the music he passionately loves, to have a good laugh, or to express things some might consider cynical. For instance, according to him, there’s no need to get along with the musicians you play with on a personal level – and to prove his point, he even quotes a certain Rammstein song…

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